What causes tension headaches everyday?

what causes tension headaches everyday

Besides neurological or brain diseases, most fatigue headaches are caused by spasms of the muscles of the face, neck, and scalp. Tension-related headaches, also known as tension headaches, are mainly caused by the patient’s psychology. Let’s find out what causes tension headaches everyday in this article!

Causes of tension headaches

Nervous tension (stress)

Psychological stress, stress is mainly based on the way people see, react and behave toward certain problems in life situations. Stress is also classified as an urban disease because the fast and noisy life here has created favorable conditions for this disease to appear.

Tired headache symptoms are becoming more and more common when many people in big cities have to focus on family and work, without having time to take care of themselves.

When under stress or nervous tension, the body will produce a large amount of the hormone Cortisol and requires a constant supply of energy from fat. This leads to an increase in blood pressure and causes the heart rate to beat faster than it should. Since then, blood circulation also becomes disturbed, creating increased pressure on the vessel walls and is the cause of prolonged fatigue headaches. Moreover, the long-term instability in blood transmission increases the risk of dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

The weather changes

Fatigue headaches stemming from weather changes often occur in subjects who are sensitive to abnormal changes in temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc. In which, women and the elderly. easily affected by climatic factors. Specifically, hot weather will make the body dehydrated, and stressed and difficult to sleep. This has adversely affected the nervous system, causing fatigue headaches to appear and recur, eventually becoming chronic headaches.

Vestibular disorders

Vestibular disorder is a condition in which the nervous system is damaged by stress syndrome. In which the 8th nerve responsible for transmitting information is negatively affected, causing the vestibular system to no longer function correctly and according to the body’s requirements, thereby causing manifestations such as anxiety, stress, and anxiety. stress, insomnia, and especially headache.

Other factors

The cause of the muscles in the area under the scalp or neck area to become tight and trigger a fatigue headache can also be due to a number of factors such as:

  • Eating too full or too hungry
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Noise pollution
  • Work pressure
  • Collisions, head injuries
  • Depression
  • Holding one position for too long
  • A few other medical conditions

Symptoms of Tension Headaches

To distinguish them from other neurologic signs, the common symptoms of tension headaches are listed below:

  • There is always a feeling of having a towel wrapped around your head or a string tied across your head
  • Heaviness in the head and dull pain throughout the day, sometimes with pain in the nape of the neck
  • Impaired concentration, difficulty sleeping
  • Pain levels increase with stress, fatigue, or listening to noise
  • The muscles of the face – neck – head are stiff
  • Sometimes I feel a knock on my head.

Tired headache symptoms like the above can be a sign of many diseases that are difficult to treat. Typically, tension-type fatigue headaches will last for several hours a day. If the patient arbitrarily takes painkillers regularly, continuously from 3 days to more than 1 week, the pain may decrease at first but will be repeated, creating a vicious cycle. See your doctor if the pain is increasing, accompanied by vomiting, numbness in the face, weakness in the limbs, or visual disturbances.

Diagnosis and treatment of tension headaches

Diagnostic steps

To diagnose a patient’s symptoms of tension fatigue headache, the doctor will dig up information about the medical history, conduct an examination, and ask a number of questions related to issues such as:

  • When the headaches started
  • Location, pattern, and severity of the pain
  • Accompanying symptoms, such as feeling weak, feverish, vomiting, or visual disturbances
  • Past accident or trauma
  • Medicines are taken before the headache
  • Family and personal history of headaches
  • The possibility of stress in life

Many cases of tension headaches are easily misdiagnosed with migraines, which can sometimes be difficult to tell apart.

Treatment process

Muscle spasms and pain can be relieved by the following measures:

  • Take common pain relievers (such as Aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen)
  • Exercise – sports and relaxation exercises to relieve stress
  • Do physical therapy or use specialized muscle contraction equipment
  • Prescribe stronger pain relievers for severe cases

Headaches caused by long-term stress can cause metabolic disorders, making the body not absorb enough nutrients for a long time. In more severe cases, chronic fatigue headaches will cause nerve exhaustion and even lead to a stroke at any time.

Therefore, patients should avoid self-medicating or abusing home remedies for pain relief. Instead, it is necessary to visit a medical facility to consult a doctor for professional advice if you have a tension headache that causes a lot of fatigue.

Final thought

When headaches do occur, patients should prioritize self-care by:

  • Resting in a dark room
  • Take painkillers early to take effect quickly
  • Massage the nape of the neck, shoulders, and back, or apply cold/heat

The characteristic of tension headaches is that they will recur many times, causing a lot of fatigue for the patient. Therefore, patients also need to actively prevent this symptom in their daily routine. Such as:

  • Playing sports helps the body to be healthier, slows down the aging process, and reduces stress after intense work;
  • Maintain optimism, and a sense of humor, and avoid stressful situations
  • Consult a psychologist if you are under severe stress
  • Learn to relax, exercise regularly, eat right and get enough sleep
  • Don’t work too hard, don’t smoke, and don’t drink a lot of alcohol

Top News hopes this article can help you learn and understand more about what causes tension headaches everyday and wishes your health in the best condition.

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