What causes snoring in males?

what causes snoring in males

Snoring is a phenomenon that occurs at all ages. This phenomenon both affects the health and affects sleep of the people next to it. However, many people think that snoring while sleeping is completely normal. So what causes snoring in males? All questions will be answered by us through the article below.

What is snoring?

Snoring, also known as sleep snoring, is a symptom that occurs during sleep. During sleep, you will breathe in a certain amount of air. This amount of air will go into the nose or mouth, then down to the lungs, and exhale naturally. If the pharynx is narrow, it will cause the inhaled air to pass through a narrower area, the surrounding mucosal tissue therefore vibrates and creates a sound. This sound, wheezing or hoarse, coming from the nose or mouth, is called snoring.

Some studies suggest that about 70% of men have a habit of snoring while sleeping and more than 50% of women have this habit.

Why do you snore?

You feel afraid when your wheezing noise affects the sleep of the person next to you. The habit of snoring while sleeping is caused by many factors. Some of the factors that lead to this phenomenon include:

Chronic tonsillitis causes the two tonsils to swell too large, sometimes close to each other in the midline of the pharynx. As a result, air passing through this area is obstructed, resulting in snoring.

The body’s sudden weight gain also causes the layer of fat clinging to the throat to thicken, compressing the airways. This makes it difficult for air to pass through and causes snoring.

Smoking too much, causes the smoke to enter the throat, causing swelling and mucus secretion. At this time, the airway narrows, causing a wheezing sound.

People who drink alcohol often fall asleep and snore. Alcohol relaxes the muscles around the airways, making it difficult to breathe.

Sleeping on your back will cause your tongue and mouth to fall back, narrowing the airways.

In the elderly, muscle tone becomes progressively weaker, which relaxes the soft tissues around the airways. This causes the airways to narrow and leads to snoring.

Many studies show that men have a higher rate of snoring than women. The airways of males at birth are usually narrower than those of females.

The throat is narrow, the tongue is large or the throat is long, etc.

Genetic factors.

Snoring level

Based on the symptoms of snoring during sleep, snoring can be divided into the following levels:

Level 1: snoring less, occasionally snoring, snoring is usually not loud. When you change your sleeping position by leaning to the left or right, snoring will stop.

Level 2: moderate snoring, louder snoring. However, when lying in an inclined position, it is over.

Level 3: sleeping in any position makes a snoring sound. Snoring is very loud and is sometimes accompanied by transient choking symptoms. Causing the patient to wake up tired. Some of the more dangerous cases can lead to respiratory arrest and death.

Is snoring dangerous to health?

During sleep, your wheezing and snoring wake many people up, and can’t go back to sleep. This affects family relationships. Not only that but snoring while sleeping is also considered a really dangerous disease for health.

Snoring is caused by the lining of the throat blocking the trachea and lungs, causing the brain to lack oxygen. The brain will then send out a signal to dilate the throat and trachea with the aim of making the air circulation process back to normal. However, if these disorders occur frequently, they will affect the patient’s sleep.

Disrupted sleep makes them more likely to wake up in the middle of the night, making the brain not rest. Therefore, the patient always feels tired and has difficulty concentrating on work. After a long time, the patient may experience memory loss.

In addition, the patient is also at risk of other diseases such as high blood pressure, and myocardial infarction, especially the most dangerous is sudden death while sleeping. This disease can cause the patient to stop breathing at any time and lead to death. Therefore, you should not be subjective with this disease and need timely treatment.

Ways to treat snoring

Snoring can cause you to suddenly die at any time while sleeping. Therefore, to avoid unfortunate consequences, you should see a doctor for treatment. Here are a few ways to effectively deal with this situation:

Conventional treatment

  • You should lose fat if your body is overweight. Because, as body fat decreases, the amount of fat in the neck and around the airways also decreases. This will reduce the pressure on the airways making breathing easier. At the same time, regular exercise also helps you circulate blood, and increase oxygen to the brain.
  • About 4 hours before going to bed, you should not drink alcohol or sedative drugs that work to relax muscles, causing narrowing of the airways.
  • Quit smoking habit.
  • Avoid overeating in the evening and do not eat dairy products before bed.

Sleeping on your side and keeping your head up will help you breathe easier.

  • Clear the airways when the nose is blocked or inflamed, with nasal sprays that work to reduce mucus in the nose.
  • Swallow a few tablespoons of honey daily and do this within a few weeks, your snoring will be effectively overcome.

The usual measures above, only for those with mild snoring, are only effective.

Final thought

Snoring, if left for a long time, can lead to sudden death during sleep, which is very dangerous. Therefore, depending on the cause, you should have appropriate treatment. You can apply the ways that the article just shared above to overcome your snoring. When experiencing health problems related to snoring, you should visit your doctor for examination and treatment, to avoid unfortunate consequences.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about what causes snoring in males and wishes your well-being is in the best condition.

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