What causes lower back pain in females

what causes lower back pain in females

Lower back pain near the buttocks is a very common condition and can affect many people. This may be the result of overwork, or improper posture or may be caused by some dangerous diseases related to musculoskeletal. Let’s explore what causes lower back pain in females in this article!

Causes of lower back pain near the buttocks

Lower back pain near the buttocks is a very common and common condition in women. Contractions in the hip region, extending to the buttock, are sore and aching. There are many causes of lower back pain near the buttocks, most of which come from gynecological diseases or the process of women being pregnant and giving birth to a baby.

Gynecological disease

Abdominal pain, lower back pain near the buttocks accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as a lot of discharge, and a smelly vagina is the first sign that you are having a gynecological disease. To overcome lower back pain near the buttocks, you need to be examined and treated definitively for gynecological diseases, avoiding long-term effects on reproductive health.

Pregnant women and after giving birth

Most women experience lower back pain near the buttocks during pregnancy due to increased pressure of the uterus on the spine and nerve roots causing blood circulation not smoothly, lack of oxygen, and anemia and damaged joints.

Besides, the process of spinal anesthesia, the pressure stretching the ligaments after childbirth makes many women often have lower back pain on the right or left side of the coccyx. In particular, when women move to work or carry heavy objects, their mobility will decrease and the pain will increase.

Potential diseases

The pain in the lower back near the buttocks can come from diseases that the patient has, such as herniated discs in the buttocks, causing dull back pain, spreading to the hips, thighs and buttocks, then numbness to both feet. Kidney diseases are accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, fever, and change in the color of the urine.

Occupational factors

Due to the characteristics of some professions that require workers to sit for a long time, rarely change positions, and do not exercise, for example, tailors, offices, receptionists, and salespeople, causing blood in the circulatory system to increase. Poor circulation causes blockage in certain areas and leads to lower back pain near the buttocks.


Osteoporosis is a common cause of left-sided low back pain in postmenopausal women. The reason is that at this time, the body produces less of the hormone estrogen, causing a deficiency, causing bone loss faster than the process of forming new bone. The consequences lead to vertebral compression fractures – the cause of low back pain, with symptoms of acute, localized back pain, which can spread to the front of the body, causing the patient to mistake it for other health problems.

Joint dysfunction

Joint dysfunction is characterized by inflammation that occurs in the Sacroiliac joints, which are located at the connection of the pelvis to the lower spine. This condition often manifests as lower back or buttock pain, which can radiate down the legs. The pain is aggravated by climbing stairs or standing for long periods of time.4

Lower back pain in women due to menopause

Research shows that chronic low back pain is one of the symptoms that postmenopausal women are most at risk of experiencing. This is mainly due to the following 3 main reasons:

  • Physiological osteoporosis
  • The ligamentous system around the spine is stiff
  • Estrogen deficiency causes degeneration of the discs between the two vertebrae

Kidney failure disease

Few people know that the symptoms of back pain in women are not only related to musculoskeletal – spine problems but also a warning sign of kidney damage over time. People with kidney failure often feel only dull back pain on one or both sides of the waist. However, the pain can spread to the front of the chest causing shortness of breath, muscle cramps, and stiffness, if the patient is subjectively not treated promptly.


Low back pain in women is a classic sign of sciatica. The pain can be intense or just dull, extending from the lower spine through the buttocks and down the back of the leg. The intensity of pain will increase when the patient moves or performs certain movements such as bending, bending.

How to treat lower back pain

Women should not ignore any warning signs when experiencing lower back pain near the buttocks. Because, these are not only common pain but also potential other diseases that are dangerous to health, and can cause loss of fertility. Some methods to help you overcome and assist in reducing lower back pain near the buttocks include:

Periodic health examination every 6 months, in order to check the health to determine the cause and the disease as soon as possible at a reputable facility.

Apply pain relief methods of traditional medicine such as applying heating bags, warm compresses of wormwood, and ginger salt to the painful area so that the muscle bundles are relaxed.

Develop scientific daily eating menus, supplement calcium D3 for strong bones and joints and prevent osteoporosis.

Daily exercise with stretching exercises, yoga, and regular and gentle sports exercises suitable for age to help muscles and joints more flexible.

Acupressure massage to help relieve back pain below the tailbone not only helps the constricted muscles to relax, as well as better blood and qi circulation, but also contributes to stimulating the excretion of toxins from the body, increasing The amount of oxygen in the blood helps the skin become more rosy and healthy.

Final thought

In summary, lower back pain near the buttocks in women can be a condition of overwork, and improper movement, besides it is also a potential symptom of diseases that can make women lose weight. affect fertility if the subject is not treated promptly. Therefore, when there are signs of lower back pain near the buttocks, first go to a medical facility to find out the pathology and build a scientific and reasonable schedule of activities to help improve health.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about what causes lower back pain in females and wishes your health is always good.

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