What causes baldness in men

what causes baldness in men

Baldness in men is a problem that affects daily life as well as aesthetics for men today. The signs of premature baldness in men are explained by a very mechanism, so to completely overcome this problem, it is necessary to know the causes of male pattern baldness. Let’s explore what causes baldness in men in this article!

Early signs of male pattern baldness

Baldness in men is one of the problems that men always wonder about, worry and find ways to overcome every day.

This is a phenomenon that greatly affects the daily life, aesthetics as well as confidence of men. The age that usually shows signs of early baldness in men falls around middle age, but there are many reasons why this age threshold becomes earlier, namely some men have gone bald when they were young. young, between 20 and 30 years old. Male pattern baldness is also present in women, but male pattern baldness is about three times more common and tends to be more severe than in women.

Signs of early baldness in men are as follows: In the beginning, hair falls a lot at the forehead, then spreads to the sides of the forehead and the top of the head. After a while, the hair follicles in the places of loss will be weakened, atrophied, and can no longer grow new hair, making the skin in these areas hairless and shiny. Therefore, male pattern baldness needs to be detected early for proper and timely treatment.

Causes of male pattern baldness

The causes of male pattern baldness are diverse and can be caused by many factors. To explain why baldness in men, there are several reasons given as follows:


Hereditary baldness is a condition in which a father or mother has hair loss or baldness in the family, the chance that their son will be born with a high risk of baldness. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the gene for male pattern baldness is dominant, so when born in a family where one parent has baldness or hair loss, the child will be passed on this gene, so there is a chance that bald.

Hormonal disorder

Due to the imbalance of DHT hormone in the male body due to the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, the hair follicles shrink, and the protective film of the scalp becomes thicker, so the hair has not been provided with the necessary nutrients for hair growth. evolution. Therefore, hair becomes brittle and difficult to grow back, leading to male pattern baldness in the long run.

Use of certain drugs

Certain drugs cause male pattern baldness, such as cancer drugs, neuropathic drugs, antidepressants, or chemotherapy treatments.

Inadequate and balanced nutrition

A complete and scientific diet is one of the essential factors for strong and healthy hair. Especially in men, when the diet does not provide enough nutrients such as protein, iron, omega-3, and biotin, the body will not have enough nutrients to help grow hair and cause baldness. head in men.

Stress for a long time

In work and life, men often suffer from heavy psychological pressure for a long time, which will be one of the causes of male pattern baldness. When the body is stressed for a long time, it will cause a blood circulation disorder in the body, which is the cause of male pattern baldness, and the hair growth process is also greatly inhibited.

Some bad habits

Smoking, the habit of pulling hair, washing hair incorrectly, and going to bed with wet hair are some good habits in daily life that cause male pattern baldness.

Other causes

Some causes of male pattern baldness such as fungal infections from infectious sources, diabetes, and a polluted environment.

Treatment of male pattern baldness

Is baldness curable is one of the questions most men with baldness have. Currently, there are many methods to help prevent baldness as well as treat male pattern baldness.

If male pattern baldness is due to stress, the stress in life, or due to the use of anti-depressants, cancer drugs, drugs for Lupus, surgery, or infections, then the man can keep psychological comfort, reduce stress, stop using related drugs to reduce baldness.

In addition, if the diet is not reasonable, lacks nutrients, or abstains from too many types of nutrients, making hair weak and not enough to grow, it is recommended to adjust a reasonable diet to end male pattern baldness. In the world, pay attention to adding essential substances such as protein, lipids, glucoside, vitamins, and minerals in the diet every day to have strong hair.

Final thought

Some other hormonal causes such as hormone disorders, and excess DHT hormone in the body need to be treated with drugs and some other intensive therapies, namely reducing excess DHT so as not to produce sebum. Oily hair makes hair easy to slip, and fall out of hair follicles, the ultimate purpose is to help hair grow and re-grow.

Several drugs have been shown to reduce male pattern baldness by taking zinc and amino acid L-arginine complexes that safely balance the hormones DHT and Testosterone in men and are an effective method of treating baldness in men.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about what causes baldness in men and wishes you all the best!

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