Top 10 European foods

top 10 european foods

The western culinary style represented by Europe has completely different characteristics from Asian – Eastern cuisine. Because different natural characteristics such as topography, climate, and soil determine the source of food, different ancient cultivated foods, form eating habits, and processing methods. The food is also far from the East. To this day, it has created an inherent identity in Western culinary culture. Let’s explore the top 10 European foods in this article!

1. Chicken breast pesto salad, spaghetti, passion fruit soda, tiramisu

For starters, we have chicken breast pesto salad with a very eye-catching green color. When eating, we will feel the crunchy and sour vegetables with fatty leopard cheese and chicken breast mixed and soaked in a delicious pesto sauce.

Next, come to the main dish on this menu which is the famous spaghetti of beautiful Italy. This dish stands out by the beautiful combination of red sauce and yellow of the famous spaghetti. The noodles are delicious, not greasy, mixed with sweet and sour minced meat tomato sauce, and very attractive. Making anyone who eats will also take off their hats in praise.

After finishing the main meal, what could be more wonderful and elegant than enjoying a glass of passion fruit soda while waiting for the appetizer to be served, right? Soda water with transparent white color mixed with yellow and black passion fruit seeds, adding a few fragrant mint sprigs to the rim to create a characteristic pure beauty.

When taking a sip, we will gradually be conquered by the cool and sour taste, bringing a feeling of freshness and helping to stimulate the taste buds to enjoy the delicious tiramisu dessert.

Tiramisu is a dessert served in high-end Italian restaurants with a sweet, crispy sampan cake covered with an attractive chocolate layer combined with Mascarpone cream cheese sauce, egg yolks, and sweet milk.

Not only that but the cake is also covered with fragrant cocoa powder on the surface. Create for us a cake that is both delicious and beautiful.

2. Greek salad, seafood pizza, mango yogurt ice cream

Opening the menu, let’s come to this delicious Greek salad appetizer with fresh vegetables such as onion, cherry tomato, and cucumber carefully selected and topped with a delicious salad dressing. attractive sweet and sour taste. Makes us excite our taste buds and want to enjoy the next served seafood pizza.

The main dish is seafood pizza, and the whole family will enjoy the hot, crispy crust freshly baked with seafood mixed in a layer of greasy cheese and beautiful, crispy slices of bell peppers and onions. Crispy, deliciously sweet. Don’t forget to buy or make a lot of ketchup and chili sauce yourself!

And the last character of the mango yogurt ice cream has also appeared! This dessert is extremely delicious, promising to conquer all members of your family with the cool, sweet, and sour cream combined with the greasy taste of fresh cream. Eating this ice cream on a hot summer day is super great!

3. Yogurt salmon salad, duck breast with orange sauce, plan cake

In this 3rd menu, we will start with this salmon yogurt salad! This salad, when finished, will have a very eye-catching color made from quality fresh vegetables with colors such as green, red, white pink, and purple.

When eating, we will feel the taste of soft and fragrant salmon meat mixed with salads and other vegetables with a fresh, sweet, and crispy taste. Especially, all are mixed and dressed with a mixture of mayonnaise and yogurt, creating a unique, nutritious, and delicious appetizer.

Next, let’s come to this menu’s orange sauce chicken breast main course! Right from the first time, it is displayed on the table, all diners will be presented with a luxurious presentation in accordance with the standard of a 5-star Michelin restaurant. Not only that, when eaten, the tender and plump duck breast meat with thin fatty skin is pan-fried at a reasonable temperature combined with the sweet and sour taste of the orange sauce and the faint scent of thyme. Create an irresistible attraction for this dish.

At the end of the meal, don’t forget to have dessert with a plate of greasy plan cake with the smell of fragrant eggs mixed with a layer of cooked caramel-colored sugar water. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy this dessert with ice or not.

4. Italian garlic soup, watermelon corn salad, lagsana, chocolate cheesecake

Garlic is a familiar and popular ingredient in every family’s kitchen. Besides, garlic also helps stimulate the taste buds very well, so in this menu, Dien May Xanh wants to bring Italian garlic soup as an appetizer. for you.

Italian-style garlic soup with a very simple way of making is that we have a cup of smooth white soup with the color of fresh milk with the highlight of a little crispy golden bread on the surface. When eating, we will be surprised by the soup with the faint aroma of musk and chili potato flavor combined with fatty fresh cream, served with crispy bread, it is super delicious.

To balance the taste buds after enjoying the Italian garlic soup, the second appetizer on display will be watermelon corn salad. Salad with sweet, refreshing red watermelon and fragrant garlic butter grilled yellow corn. This mouth-watering flavor combination is sure to get you ready for the main course on the menu.

And the main dish your whole family will be served is lasagna – a special noodle of Italian cuisine. The dish has a layered structure that looks very beautiful and attractive with the seductive scent of 3 kinds of cheese: Mozzarella, Parmesan, and ricotta attracting everyone.

When eaten, you will feel the rich flavor of the ingredients blended together with the soft, chewy lasagna noodles and the rich ricotta sauce that is neutralized by the sweet and sour tomato sauce that makes the dish even with a lot of cheese. but not greasy.

Finally, we will end the menu with a delicious soft chocolate cheesecake with a delicious crispy base mixed with an attractive chocolate cheese cream. Make the stories at the end of the meal more full and complete.

5. French stewed vegetables, roasted chicken with mushroom cream sauce, invisible apple pie

The appetizer on this 5th menu is a French vegetable stew and you may not know this brother’s dish is French called Ratatouille. This dish is very famous and appeared in the famous cartoon Chef Mouse released by Disney in 2007.

So of course the taste of this appetizer is not the same as before! The finished Ratatoulie dish will have a very beautiful color, with a passionate aroma of sauce and gentle rosemary. It is sure to make you satisfied and this dish is very suitable to eat with the main dish, which is roasted chicken with mushroom cream sauce!

The plate of roasted chicken with mushroom cream sauce is presented on a plate with an extremely beautiful creamy white color surrounding the golden roasted chicken. When you try a little, you will feel the chicken is cooked and absorbed, combined with the fatty cream sauce and crispy needle mushrooms. All blend together to create a dish that is both delicious and strange, making the meal not boring.

Finally, we end the meal with a dessert with a very unique name, invisible apple pie. This cake after being baked will look extremely attractive by the brown crust mixed with many slices of almonds sprinkled on the surface.

When enjoying, the slices of cake will give you the sweet and sour taste of apples along with the fleshy taste of almonds, especially the occasional cinnamon powder flavor every time you eat it will make your whole family love it!

6. Pumpkin shrimp soup, French steak, creme brulee

For the culture of European countries, before coming to the main dishes, it is indispensable for the appetizers. This dish will serve you a beautifully smooth yellow shrimp pumpkin soup decorated with beautiful red slices of boiled shrimp. Tasting a little, we will be conquered by this dish with the fat sweetness of pumpkin with fresh milk cream and delicious, soft, and firm shrimp meat.

Coming to the main course, we have a French-style steak that is seasoned with spices and sautéed at the right temperature, so when we eat it, we will feel that the meat is not dry, on the contrary, it is extremely delicious and possessive. very beautiful red-brown color. This dish you can eat with French fries is delicious and worth cooking, and enjoy!

Finally, we come to the dessert creme brulee – burnt ice cream that is both unique and delicious. Bring the typical romantic beauty of charming France. The surface of the cake is covered with a layer of beautifully torched sugar. When using a spoon to scoop a little and enjoy, we will really be conquered by the fatty aroma combined with the sweetness and slight bitterness of caramel.

7. Nicoise salad, French-style beef stew with vegetables, cream puffs

Kick off your meal with a crisp, fresh, colorful nice salad topped with tuna and a delicious sauce made with Dijon mustard, olive oil, white wine vinegar, and some seasonings. is different. Make a delicious, nutritious dish.

Coming to the main course, we will enjoy a simple and delicious French-style beef stew with vegetables with glossy brown color, mixed with outstanding colors from carrots, onions, and celery. The beef in the dish is cooked soft and delicious and fragrant with thyme leaves. This dish you can eat with white rice, bread or fresh vermicelli is delicious!

With a crunchy and fluffy crust mixed with a layer of fresh, cold, and sweet milk cream, the cream cheesecake is a great choice for dessert on this menu, isn’t it?

8. Avocado and egg salad, German stewed pork leg, Black forest cake

In European countries, German cuisine has as many dishes as Italy and France, right?

The first appetizer we will enjoy with our family is a delicious avocado and egg salad with beautiful bright colors. The vegetables used in this dish are extremely fresh with the mild aroma of olive oil and the sweet taste of boiled eggs.

The main dish on the table was the famous German-style pork leg stew. The dish is finished with delicious soft vegetables. In addition, pork leg meat is stewed for many hours, so the cooked meat is soft and easy to eat. Especially not to be missed is that the sauce of this stew is super sweet and fatty. So when eating, you should use bread to eat with to avoid wasting this quality stew!

On this menu, the whole family will enjoy a famous European cake called Black Forest cake, also known as black forest gateau. The reason it has such a special name is that this cake will be completely black when finished and the presentation looks like a black forest.

When eating, we will feel the aroma of black cherry and fragrant Cherry Brandy with a slightly bitter taste of chocolate cake and delicious greasy fresh cream.

9. Avocado scallop salad, English grilled chicken, passion fruit mousse

Appetizers are presented on the table with the attractive aroma of butter-fried scallops. When eating, we will feel the sweet and crispy taste of scallops mixed with Japaleno peppers, avocado, and sweet and sour fried tomatoes, to stimulate your taste buds so that you are ready to step into the main course.

On this menu, their main course will be English grilled chicken with a golden crust, crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. When eating, you just need to dip it with salt and pepper, you can squeeze a little more lemon or lime to make the taste more delicious and attractive. Don’t forget to serve with pickles, so we have a “forgot the way home” dish to serve and enjoy with our family!

Dessert to enjoy on this menu is passion fruit mousse with beautiful bright yellow color. When eating, the soft inside is mixed with the fatty cream of coconut mixed with the sour taste of passion fruit. If you don’t use it all in the meal, you can put it in the fridge to enjoy tomorrow!

10. Cabbage salad with ham mayonnaise, Fish and Chips, traditional pesto sauce, orange panna cotta

Like the other menus above, we will start with a salad! On this menu, we will enjoy a cabbage salad with ham mayonnaise. This mixed salad will let us feel the crispy taste of cabbage and carrots mixed with delicious ham. Especially, the sour and greasy taste of greasy mayonnaise does not cause a feeling of boredom, but it is very strange and catchy.

The main course of this menu will be Fish and Chips, this dish will give you the crunchy feeling of chips and the natural sweetness of fish with a little bit of flesh from the mashed peas.

The second main dish is the traditional pesto sauce, the dish is cooked with a very simple way of making, when eating, you will feel the attractive aroma of thyme leaves mixed with the fat of cheese and the fleshy taste of thyme. Pine nuts. This sauce you can spread with bread and eat it all delicious!

For dessert we will enjoy orange panna cotta with a very beautiful appearance with a layer of bright orange syrup on top, because this dish wants to be frozen, we will have to put it in the refrigerator, so when we eat it, we will feel the soft, supple taste, cool with the taste of fatty pastry mixed with the light sour taste of orange syrup, extremely delicious.

Final thought

These foods are not only delicious but they also make a good impression on your mind the first time you try them and want to eat more.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about the top 10 European foods and wishes you all the best on your traveling journey!

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