Top 10 authentic Italian dishes

top 10 authentic Italian dishes

Italy is the dream destination of many tourists because of its beautiful scenery with ancient houses, charming water flows, because it is known as the city of romantic love like Venice. Italy is also loved by tourists because of its extremely unique cuisine, the birthplace of famous dishes around the world. Let’s explore top 10 authentic Italian dishes in this article!

Although Italian dishes are not complicated and sophisticated, it is the delicate and rich flavors that make many hungry stomachs swoon, each delicious dish is a local cultural feature of the country.

1. Pizza

Pizza is no longer just a dish in Italy but has been present in most countries around the world with a variety of different flavors. Fluffy dough, thin crust, topped with rich mozzarella cheese and a layer of tomato soup and various condiments. All blend together to create a harmonious, perfect taste.

2. Tortellini

Small pasta dishes are mixed with different meats such as squid, beef, in addition to wild mushrooms, different cheeses, chicken broth. In some other ways of processing, people also use vegetables instead of meat.

3. Lasagna

Also a type of pasta, but Lasagna is a plate or leaf noodle, with the main ingredients being meat, sauce, cheese and lasagna leaves. This dish has the characteristic fatty flavor of cheese, the sweet and sour taste of tomato sauce along with alternating layers of beef noodles in Italian cream sauce.

4. Gelato

Almost everyone in Italy has tried this Gelato ice cream. This ice cream is very rich in fruit and nut flavors; Pleasant sweetness thanks to the ingredients are cane sugar, grape sugar. In addition, because the ice cream is made entirely of fresh fruit, the taste and color of the ice cream is very natural, not created by dyes or chemicals like other ice creams.

5. Spaghetti

Spaghetti are small round noodles made from semolina flour and water. Usually eaten with ketchup, these sauces can have a variety of spices such as oregano, basil, olive oil, meat, and a variety of grated cheese such as Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, Asiago.

6. Panzerotti

Panzerotti is a very familiar Italian street food. This is considered a child version of Pizza but is made from soft dough. Inside the fluffy baking powder are cheeses and tomatoes, but today you can find many other variations of Panzerotti such as spinach, mushrooms, olives, anchovies and cold cuts.

7. Cannoli

Cannoli is a delicious dessert famous in Italy with a crispy tubular outer shell filled with cream, greasy cheese, attractive aroma. The fillings are very diverse such as chocolate filling, jam filling, cream filling mixed with nuts.

8. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is a dessert of Italian origin that is gaining popularity in many other European countries. The cake is made from buttermilk combined with gelatin topped with mildly sour fruit sauces such as blueberry, strawberry, peach or slightly bitter sauce like coffee, chocolate to balance the fat. The cake is not too crispy, but more supple and tough, but very soft and smooth

9. Parmigiana

The main ingredient of this dish is a tender chicken fillet, grilled in tomato sauce with parmesan cheese – creating a sweet, fatty and crispy taste of chicken that makes every diners crave. Usually paired with spagetti or fries.

10. Minestrone Soup

“Minestrone” in Italian means “mixed soup made from various ingredients”. Ingredients include olive oil, onions, tomatoes, carrots, French beans, pasta and delicious chicken broth, giving you a scrumptious yet easy-to-cook dish.

Final thought

If you ever go to Italy, make sure you try these foods and you will love them since these foods are tasty and unique.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about top 10 authentic Italian dishes and wishes your health is always good.

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