Signs of infertility after abortion

Signs of infertility after abortion

Nowadays, many young people have sex before marriage and get pregnant. Not wanting to have children and being tied down leads many people to choose abortion. Among them, using drugs is said to be the fastest and least expensive. In fact, the body will encounter unforeseen dangers. Let’s find out the signs of infertility after abortion in this article!

Medical abortion is a method of inducing a natural miscarriage by sucking or taking pills. When entering the body, the drug will stop the fetus from growing and stimulate the uterus to contract to push the fetus out of the uterus. This method is only applied to babies who are still young, only from 5 to 7 weeks. For babies past 8 weeks or more, this method should not be used.

Medical abortion has a high success rate of up to 95% for women who respond well to the medication. Most women after taking the pill will miscarry after 48 hours of use. Although it is considered the safest and most convenient abortion method, there are indications when using it and there are contraindications to not using this method.

Is a medical abortion dangerous?

It is not enough to just take the medicine that you can rest assured. This practice can cause many unpredictable consequences for the body. And one of the common complications such as hemorrhage, and residual fetal tissue must be performed curettage – aspiration will have the risk of adhesion inflammation of the uterine lining later. Before learning about the signs of infertility after a medical abortion, you should know how dangerous it is.

Currently, there have been many cases of bleeding due to arbitrarily using abortion pills without instructions. Before having an abortion, you need to be examined, have blood tests and do an ultrasound to assess the status of the gestational sac.

This will help to know how many weeks the fetus is, whether it is inside or outside the uterus. Self-medication at home will not be able to know the health status of the mother and fetus and is not safe. whole.

Furthermore, vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, and uterine contractions may also occur. Without prompt treatment, you run the risk of developing life-threatening sepsis. Or the body will experience bad complications that affect fertility in the future. Therefore, when you are determined to terminate the pregnancy with oral medication, you should go through the indications and follow up with a specialist at a specialized hospital.

Signs of infertility after a medical abortion that women should know

Abortion does not guarantee 100% success and safety. When using abortion pills too much will cause the body to reduce reproductive function. So what are the signs of infertility after a medical abortion? As soon as these symptoms appear, you should quickly go to reputable specialized facilities for advice.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

After performing a medical abortion, vaginal bleeding will occur. It will last between 7 and 15 days just like when it comes to your period. However, if you have bleeding for more than half a month with an abnormal amount of blood, you feel tired and dizzy, and you need to go to a specialist hospital immediately.

Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is one of the unusual signs that you should pay attention to. During an abortion, many women experience irregular periods. Or the amount of blood is too much or too little, darkened and clotted. This condition is very common and is not a big deal. Because at this time, the hormones in your body are not stable.

However, after 2 months of abortion, the menstrual cycle is still irregular and lasts often even without having a period again. So, you need to be very careful and attentive. This is most likely a sign that increases the risk of infertility if not treated promptly.

Abnormal white discharge

Normally, discharge is clear white, has no fishy smell, and is slightly sticky and viscous. The function is to keep the vagina moist and prevent the attack of bacteria, lubricating during sex. However, when the blood gas has a strange color, and an unusual smell, and is secreted too much, women also need to be checked for an abnormal infection of the vagina – cervix after abortion.

High fever

This is the most typical manifestation of inflammation of the uterine lining when a medical abortion fails, requiring intervention to cure the remnants of the fetus in medical facilities that do not guarantee aseptic and technical procedures. Without good treatment, this condition can be life-threatening, even reproductive. There are many cases where the uterus has to be removed so that it is not possible to have children anymore.

Final thought

Many people are afraid of abortion but only self-medicate at home according to the instructions of people who are not trained or even find information on the internet. Or find unreputable “underground” clinics. At that time, the risk of experiencing health risks and the possibility of affecting fertility is very high. Therefore, professional obstetric centers or facilities will be the best choice.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about signs of infertility after abortion and wishes you all the best!

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