How to stay calm in every situation

how to stay calm in every situation

Has someone ever told you, “If you try to hold onto your anger, you will feel as uncomfortable as holding a hot coal in the palm of your hand? Before you intend to throw at others, you are the first to get hurt.”

Impatience and losing your temper are like smoking cigarettes. A few cigarettes won’t kill you, but over time, the toxins will infiltrate from deep within and gradually take away your health, even your life.

In this life, there are many situations that make us lose our composure. But whatever the reason for your “explosive” reaction, the most important thing is to find ways to control yourself and bring your emotions back to their original state.

Let’s find out how to stay calm in every situation in this article!

Stop interacting with the cause that makes you lose control

The most effective immediate way to stay calm in stressful situations is to stop interacting with triggers that are causing you to lose control. Sometimes, just stopping for a few seconds before continuing is enough to cool down the anger.

For example, if you and your husband are in an argument, stop arguing, you can sit down and be quiet for a few seconds or step outside to temporarily interrupt the conflict. This way, the stressful situation will calm down. Until you both feel calmer, you can go back to talking to each other.

When you need a break, explain that you’re not trying to avoid the problem, you’re just trying to control your anger. We certainly won’t be able to have polite conversations or effectively resolve conflicts when we’re really upset. You can return to the discussion or resolve the issue again when you feel calmer.

Maintain deep and slow breathing

Taking a deep breath can help you stay calm
Taking a deep breath can help you stay calm

We all know that swearing is a bad habit, but losing your temper starts with cursing swear words. As soon as your instincts break out in curse words, take it as a signal out of control, you need to take a deep breath immediately.

You may feel a little short of breath when stressed, but it’s important to focus on breathing evenly. This will restore oxygen to your body and reduce lactate (high levels of lactate in the blood can lead to circulatory failure), helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Slowly inhale through the nose, so that the abdomen gradually expands. Then exhale through your nose or mouth, causing your abdomen to collapse. That’s the right way to breathe. You can repeat this process 5-10 times for a few minutes to regain your composure.

Visualize the hot air coming out of your nose and mouth as negative energy is being eliminated from the body.

If you feel like you can’t hold back your swear words, choose a place to be alone and vent your anger instead of taking it out on those around you.

Stretch the body

When you’re stressed, have you noticed that in addition to your breathing, your muscles also change? Hands clenched, teeth clenched, it was a sign of muscle tension. In some cases, over-tightening your muscles can hurt you.

Therefore, you need to relax your body so that the muscles can relax.

First, try to loosen your clothes, if they are tight and make you more uncomfortable.

You can sit comfortably or lie down on the bed in combination with the same breathing as above. Begin to relax the muscles of your face, just as you would when you were sleeping. Start by opening your eyes wide open for 5 seconds, then release the tension. Close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds, then release the tension. Give yourself 10 seconds to notice how these areas feel.

You can massage certain areas of your body to relieve muscle tension. Find a quiet place and do it, you will definitely feel better.

Talk to a trusted friend

If talking to someone can help you defuse your anger or give you better advice, then you should do it. However, you should not abuse this tip. Don’t be easy to talk about with anyone. If at work you are always complaining about your boss or other co-workers or all the unfairness of working with someone.

Maybe, you will gradually lose sympathy in their eyes. Remember, you’re venting to try to find a solution to the problem instead of just venting your anger.

Redirect the problem

If you keep thinking about the things that make you angry, you will drown in anger all day long. Therefore, “channeling” your thoughts to focus on another problem, helps you temporarily forget about the current situation.

Some good examples are cleaning the house, playing with the kids, or going shopping. Find something to keep your mind busy so you don’t have time to think about the things that bother you. Then your body and brain can calm down again.

Accept criticism “gracefully”

By accepting criticism without malice, you are dissolving any stress and strengthening your preparedness for pressure.

Almost all of us feel hurt and angry when someone criticizes us. But this is completely normal.

Instead of reacting impulsively and sparking a heated argument, remember that you can either leave this unstable mess as it is or you can add fuel to the fire and make it serious. more important.

Choose wisely and choose the lesser of the two evils.

No matter what situation you face, understand that you have a choice. Don’t waste your precious energy on completely unworthy things.

Try to change for the better in each case you feel like something is starting to boil from within. Use persistence as a means to your destination.

Another way to stay calm is to think positively

Think positively can help you stay calm
Think positively can help you stay calm

You should train yourself to look at problems in a positive way to regulate and control emotions. This is not an easy task, but you can absolutely do it by changing the direction of your thinking. You should know that everything has both positive and negative factors. Your job is to find the positive direction of the problem and act in that direction.

Not only will this be an effective way to stay calm, but it will also help you enjoy life in a more wonderful way. In addition to gaining practical experience, you can take online courses to improve your positive thinking.

Exercise habits help you stay calm in any situation

Exercise is also an extremely effective and scientific way to keep calm, suitable for everyone. The process of being physically active will help you reduce your focus on emotional disturbances and improve your mood in a positive way. On the other hand, when your physical health is stable, your mind will also be much more stable and lucid.

Learning how to stay calm is an important factor in helping you enjoy life and deal with problems in a more positive way. Of course, regulating your emotions is never easy. However, you can absolutely do it if you are guided in a methodical and scientific way.

The way to stay calm when you’re scared is to prepare for predictable situations

Do you remember the previous cases when we were afraid, was it because we lacked information? The teacher checks the old lesson, we tremble because we have not studied, stand up to give a presentation, afraid because we are not well prepared. Therefore, when we want to reduce our anxiety and fear, we need to “fully grasp the game”.

If you are a salesperson, it is certain that customers will ask for product information. Therefore, your job is to memorize and learn in detail about the products that you are selling, just ask the customer and you can advise immediately without having to worry.

If you are going to a meeting with your boss, don’t waste your time panicking, but quickly dig through the project data, find the questions, and prepare the most confident position.

Final thought

Staying calm in every stressful and unpleasant situation is not easy, therefore, you need to practice it daily by following these methods above in order to hold yourself together. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation is, you can always manage to deal with it if you know how to control your stress and stay calm.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about how to stay calm and deal with every situation effectively and wishes you nothing but a productive and lively life!

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