How to start a Presentation

how to start a presentation

How to start an impressive presentation? This is probably a question that many people are interested in. However, not everyone is “gifted” with talent with impressive presentation skills right from the start. In this article, Top News will share how to start a presentation effectively!

Start with a funny story

It is also a good way to lead the presentation with a funny story. This is considered a common psychological expression of each human being. Regardless of whether they are adults or anyone, they would love to hear an interesting “opening” story or a funny situation before starting to listen to the content.

Those who have been trained through presentation lessons are mostly judged to be successful when they get the audience’s “admiring” eyes right from the “first moments”. Therefore, to satisfy the listener’s psychology, use comedy, tell jokes, even don’t hesitate to take yourself as a funny situation.

However, it should be noted, if you do not have the gift of making people laugh, then stay away from this method and replace it with another way that suits you better. Example of opening the presentation: If you have the ability to sing, don’t forget to sing an “opening” song for the audience to create an exciting atmosphere for the presentation.

Use questions

Using questions while making a presentation can attract people's attention
Using questions while making a presentation can attract people’s attention

Listeners always carry the mentality of a “child” because of their curiosity. Opening your talk with a question stimulates their thinking and imagination. In fact, you can see that to use this method effectively, the presenters will divide the team and have questions that test your brain’s responsiveness. At the same time, this is also a widely applied form in the case so that teachers can both summarize the student’s memorized content through each question or will integrate the content related to the new lesson.

Note: The questions you ask don’t have to be trivia questions, but should be simple, funny, and focused on the topics you want to lead your audience on.

Use numbers

The use of specific numbers as evidence will make the listener more interested because: “a hundred hearing is not equal to one seeing”. In addition, “speaking with books, tips with evidence” is also a method to help you convince your audience effectively right from the start. Choose an impressive and highly accurate number.

Example of how to start a class presentation: You can use the number 75% and ask questions that prompt your listeners to think what they think when they see this number, then lead into a topic like “Protecting clean water sources” or with the number 80/20, what topic can you talk about?

Capture the hearts of listeners

In many cases, instead of being formal, start by saying how you feel when you come to the presentation. Because it is your sincere sharing that will draw listeners closer, empathize and end with warm applause.

In addition, this opening method can also be applied when you are shaky when giving a presentation, share your current feelings with the audience to feel more comfortable, consider them as your friends.

Your sincere feelings and your confidence about an event are a psychological lever that helps you win the hearts of your listeners. But remember, those must be real feelings, don’t pretend or play to deceive the listener like that will be counterproductive.

Make an impression through voice and manners

Voice and manner can empower your presentation
Voice and manner can empower your presentation

An inspiring, warm, energetic voice and a professional demeanor are also great advantages if you aspire to become a professional presenter. Because the sweet voice will easily make the listener’s heart flutter and can’t take their eyes off the content you want to say.

If you have ever heard and watched former US President Obama speak on television, you will certainly notice the difference in the way he opens his speech. A great voice, accompanied by extremely friendly and open facial expressions. This is also the reason why Obama is loved by many people and wants to hear him speak so much.

Of course, the voice is a natural gift, but if you know how to practice and perfect your professional style every day, at some point your appearance will make an impression on people. to listen.

Praise the audience at the beginning

Whether it’s a new audience or an audience that’s already familiar with you in a variety of presentations, give them a friendly smile and a warm welcome when they take the time to come to your presentation. friend. In addition, you can give the warmest, most sincere compliments to the audience to see that their presence is your honor so that you can confidently present your ideas in the best way. An example of how to start a presentation for students.

Did you know that greetings before a presentation play a very important role in helping to lead the audience to the content you want to present in the closest way?

Give the audience hope

No matter what form of presentation you choose, the ultimate goal is to inspire your ideas and ideas to others. The content presented should clearly represent the action you want your audience to take, which makes the presentation truly meaningful.

Make an affirmative statement

Making an affirmative statement will help your audience believe what you are saying. In addition, you can ask some questions to increase engagement and connect listeners to the dialogue.

Usually, when starting any presentation, whether simple or formal, the audience is still not really mentally prepared for your talk. An effective, impressive opening of your presentation will help your listeners get rid of any outside distractions and get caught up in the speaker’s talk.

Final thought

Making a presentation can be awkward at times due to unpreparedness and shyness, therefore, you should practice these methods mentioned above to improve your presentation ability, the start is always important because that’s where you direct people’s attention to you.

Top News hopes this article is helpful to you and wishes that your presentation skills will get better and better!

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