How to shave beard properly

how to shave beard properly

Shaving at home has become a habit of men. It is both a measure to clean the facial skin and increase the aesthetics of the face. But in the process of shaving, most people encounter the problem that the beard grows back after only 2-3 days at a rapid rate. This annoys many people. Let’s find out how to shave beard properly in this article!

What causes beard growth in men?

Perhaps many of you will wonder why beards grow thick in so many men. This question gets a lot of attention from many women and men. Here is the expert answer of the doctor.

Do you know? The metabolism between hormones in the male body is very strong. Especially at the time of entering puberty, the amount of hormones in men is secreted in a very large amount compared to women. And this is what makes the growth of men’s beards grow faster, denser, and blacker.

However, not all men have thick beards, but depending on each person’s location, some people will have very thick beards, but some people will have very little or even none.

And the above explanations are also the answer to the question of why men’s beards grow back so quickly. It can be said that men’s beards are like the inherent strength of a man, it is very strong and vigorous. After many shaves, it still grows back darker. However, there is still a way to shave without regrowth, follow our instructions in the next content.

What are the common mistakes men make when shaving?

Before going to the detailed instructions on how to shave without growing back, we need to go through some of the mistakes that men often make, causing the shaving process to be painful, scratched and not clean. an infection that causes the beard to grow back faster than usual. Specifically, these are the following mistakes:

Sharing razors with others

Perhaps this is a huge mistake that a lot of people make. Perhaps they still do not know the hidden dangers behind this habit. Sharing razors will increase the risk of infection from others if you accidentally scratch your skin. Therefore, absolutely do not keep this habit, or buy yourself a separate shaving tool.

Shave at night – The time when the skin is most sensitive

Perhaps the evening is a convenient time for men to spend more time on shaving. However, this habit is really wrong, because this is the time when the skin is most sensitive and easily irritated. Therefore, if you shave at night, it will increase the risk of scratching the skin. Therefore, take time in the morning for a better, safer shave.

Shave dry, do not use shaving gel

Surely this is the habit of many men who have just started shaving. Although this method saves time, it does not have to go through many complicated steps. But it increases the likelihood of skin abrasions, even bleeding, dermatitis, irritation, and blisters in the shaved area. So, shave when there is gel to avoid damaging the skin.

Do not clean the skin before shaving

Cleaning the skin before shaving will remove all dirt and sebum to avoid the risk of infection caused by bacteria on the skin. Besides, this step also helps prevent the shave from becoming smoother, limiting the possibility of scratching. Therefore, those of you who do not wash your face before shaving, now re-establish the habit of cleaning your skin before shaving.

Shave in the wrong direction or too hard

Normally, shaving properly will shave in the direction of the beard growth, shaving in the opposite direction will stimulate the pores to open and cause the skin to be red, the pores to be enlarged, and make the hair grow back faster. normal. Besides, many men have a habit of using too much force when shaving, which will increase the possibility of causing scratches.

Not cleaning the razor before and after shaving

This is the last common mistake, and also the habit that many men make the most. Failure to clean tools before shaving not only causes bacteria to spread to the skin but also causes dermatitis, easily leading to common fungal skin diseases in men.

In particular, after shaving, it is also necessary to wash the application, otherwise, bacteria will accumulate for many days later. And if left for a long time, the razor must have become an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

If you are making these mistakes, get rid of them now and re-establish the correct and safe shaving habits. Here we will show you how to shave non-regrown hair properly and safely.

Instructions on how to shave properly

Step 1: Prepare shaving tools

Usually a standard shaving process will include tools such as:

Razor: you can choose one of 3 types of razors that are 1-time razors, replacement blades, and 2-blade razors.

Shaving Cream/Gel: As mentioned above, using shaving gel is very important. It not only makes shaving easier but also reduces skin damage. So buy yourself the best shaving gel from a reputable brand, and choose those with natural extracts to soothe the skin more.

Shaving cream brush: Probably not many guys use this brush. However, if you know its great uses, you will use it now. Did you know that using a shaving cream brush instead of your hand will help the shaving process not be painful? Because the soft bristles of the brush will help spread the cream evenly on the beard area and do not cause skin irritation.

Moisturizing oil: Using moisturizing oil after shaving is the solution to not burning, reducing skin damage, and providing nutrients to the skin gently and quickly recovering the skin after shaving.

These tools you can easily buy these at any supermarket, cosmetic shop, or e-commerce site.

Step 2: Cleaning shaving tools

Whether it’s a new or used tool, you need to disinfect it before using it. Disinfect tools with boiling water or use disinfectant products such as Povidone, or Betadine.

Step 3: Cleanse your face

As mentioned above, it is very important to wash your face thoroughly before shaving. So wash your face with warm water for 3-5 minutes or use a mild cleanser. Remove all sebum, dirt, and open pores to make the shaving process easier.

Besides washing your face, you can also use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and open pores before shaving.

Step 4: Use a brush to apply shaving cream

Take an adequate amount of shaving cream and apply it to your hands. Then use the brush you bought to spread the cream evenly on the beard area to be shaved. Note if using spray-on shaving cream, be careful not to get the cream into your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 5: Start shaving

The most important rule in the shaving step is

Shave in the direction of beard growth, do not shave in the opposite direction to avoid skin damage and darkening.

Gently shave each segment without using too much force, and do not stretch too long to easily cause scratches or bleeding of the skin.

Step 6: Wash your face and apply a nourishing oil

After shaving, you should rinse thoroughly with cold water to shrink pores. The next step is to apply a thin layer of oil on the surface of the skin and massage it to allow the nutrients to penetrate into the skin, making the skin soft and smooth.

Above are all the ways to shave at home properly, and safely for the skin. However, to achieve the results of a beard that does not regrow completely, please refer to how to shave without permanent regrowth in the next content.

Final thought

If the men really want to completely remove the beard on the face without wanting it to grow back. Then the above shaving steps cannot meet your needs. Because besides the advantages, this method also has many disadvantages such as being labor-intensive and time-consuming; after about 2-3 days the hair has grown back harder and denser; if done incorrectly, it can cause facial skin damage due to scratches and bleeding; even causing irritation, and blisters.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about how to shave beard properly and wishes you all the best!

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