How to overcome social media addiction?

how to overcome social media addiction

If your use of social media is affecting your productivity or causing you to fall into a state of depression, this is the time to find effective ways to detox. Let’s find out how to overcome social media addiction in this article!

The reality of social network addiction

In an era where social media followers and likes are so important, it’s hard to live completely without participating in this community.

There is no denying that social media today affects many aspects of life. Through social media, you can express yourself and gain attention from people, find job opportunities, or make your business products more accessible to customers.

However, the flood of fake news, controversial posts and offensive images on social networks will greatly affect our mental health if we spend too much time on them. According to experts’ analysis, the feature that allows users to remain anonymous makes them more inclined to share negative and harsh words on social networks. This will adversely affect other users, for example, the content of a stranger’s post sometimes makes you think all day.

Research shows that 1 month is enough time for the brain to create new neural connections, adapt to new behaviors and habits to replace the old ones. Therefore, if you regularly turn on your phone to “surf Facebook” as soon as you wake up, after 30 days you will accept it as a daily habit.

The strong attraction of social networks makes “addicts” constantly update the message board many times a day, even still staring at the phone even while enjoying the beautiful scenery during the trip.

Effective ways overcome social media addiction

Like alcohol or drug addiction, science shows that adopting social media and Internet use detox practices in general can cause typical unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, it is important to use these technologies usefully and wisely, to avoid letting them take over and transform your life in a negative way.

If you feel that you have spent too much energy and time online, or simply want to detox from social media, you can try some of the following measures:

Remove the social networking application from the phone

These applications are designed to be extremely convenient and easy for users to access anytime, anywhere, thereby making them gradually become addicted as a normal habit. The feature of mobile apps that allows social media users to instantly check in on any notifications – whether important or not, this inadvertently causes us to spend too much time online than really needed.

When you remove social networking applications from your phone, you can still access it with a laptop or desktop computer, but it will not be as continuous as on a smartphone. Many people have tried this approach and find that they almost don’t need frequent daily visits to some familiar websites anymore.

Set personal rules

If your work or business requires the use of social media, it’s a good idea to set a time limit dedicated to tackling all tasks related to the online platform and then signing out immediately. Finding the optimal time and limit to handle all the online tasks of the day will motivate you to focus on developing other aspects.

Seek help

You may have to gradually detox from social media because it’s really not that simple. First, set a goal of not being on social media for a certain time of the day, such as right after waking up, then gradually increase the social media withdrawal limit for the rest of the day. Tell friends, colleagues, and loved ones an alternative way to contact you (not through social media) during that time.

In addition, you can get the help of some websites or applications that block the addresses you feel you are addicted to from time to time, such as Freedom or Anti-Social.

Select social networks to use

There are many different options for people who can’t completely detox from social media for good reasons. You can use Viber or Skype as a medium to connect and chat with friends, colleagues and family.

A little advice is never to argue about an issue through social networks, resolve those conflicts in a face-to-face conversation. For entertainment, you can choose Instagram instead of Facebook and Youtube, because the huge amount of news on these two platforms easily makes you addicted and takes a lot more time.

Prioritize other forms of entertainment

There are many other more practical and meaningful activities that you should do instead of choosing social networks as a hobby to kill time. The top alternatives are always playing sports, reading, going out on a date with friends, or watching your favorite movies and shows with the whole family to enjoy time together.

Final thought

Social media addiction can cause you to miss out on some information that is only reported online, but it forces you to stay in touch more often with friends and relatives to receive timely important information. important and necessary from them. Strengthening and forging truly valuable real-life relationships is one of the benefits of social media detox.

Overall, social media detox makes your mental health better. When your brain no longer has to think about online news, you will have more time and excitement to come up with new ideas for work, thereby improving the quality of life. Some experts claim that detoxing from social media, even for a short time, has significant benefits.

Top News hopes this article can help you deal with social media addiction and become healthier and more productive!

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