How to keep an erection longer without pills?

How to keep an erection longer without pills?

Keeping the penis erect long enough to have sex is a skill that any man should have. This not only shows stable physiological health, fullness, and bravery but also the “key” to help conquer partners, and maintain a sublimated sex life. Let’s explore how to keep an erection longer without pills in this article!

Learn about the nature of the phenomenon of erection

The process of penis enlargement and erection in response to sexual stimulation is called erection and occurs only in men. When there is arousal, the body begins to secrete sex hormones that make the nervous system, muscles, and blood vessels work at full capacity, working together to form a fusion to generate and maintain sex. this erection.

Specifically, the erection process goes like this: when there is sexual stimulation, the brain sends a signal down to the sex organs (penis). At the same time, it stimulates blood vessels and muscles to dilate so that blood moves to and fills the corpus cavernosum, the inner tissue of the penis. When the blood is full, the penis will reach its maximum size and blood vessels will close to maintain an erection during intercourse.

After sex and orgasm, blood vessels will simultaneously open to push blood out of the penis. This is the phenomenon of “sloping” of the penis and is also the normal state of the boy when there is no sexual stimulation. This process is very natural for men with normal physiological health, but it is difficult for men with erectile dysfunction.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction

An erectile dysfunction is a common form of sexual dysfunction in men, characterized by difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection, along with a number of other symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation, decreased sex drive, painful sex.

There are many reasons why it is difficult to get an erection, such as:

Due to lifestyle, activities, and eating

Many men find themselves unable to keep their penis erect for a long time while having never had any signs or symptoms before. This condition is often related mainly to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Over time, this condition causes a marked decline in health and physiological and sexual health is no exception.

Some bad habits are mentioned:

Men are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or other stimulants. These types all contain toxic chemicals that cause the blood vessels in the penis to shrink, narrow, and even block blood vessels. This habit not only causes erectile dysfunction but also reduces fertility due to poor-quality sperm.

Using Western drugs indiscriminately, bluffing, especially aphrodisiac abuse is even more dangerous.

Addicted to masturbation, watching depraved cultural products such as movies, books, newspapers, and photos for a long time, losing the feeling of excitement and real pleasure, making it difficult to keep an erection as expected.

Eating through speakers, no nutrition, and lack of substances makes the body always in a state of fatigue, weakness, and no longer having the strength for an erection to have sex.

An improper movement that causes spinal cord injury or violent sex that damages the penis is also the leading cause of long-lasting penis failure, even impotence.

In addition, men who have birth defects in the genital organs from birth or during adulthood can also cause the penis to be unable to erect or keep an erection during sex.

Due to psychology

Psychology is closely related to sex. Because only when the brain receives signals about sexual stimulation can it be transmitted to the penis and initiate the erection process. Then, it’s the same psycho-emotional factors such as love or excitement that determine how long to maintain an erection.

Therefore, it is simple to understand that when psychologically comfortable and happy, the erection time will be long and vice versa, anxiety, and excessive stress will not be able to maintain an erection long enough as desired. A number of negative psychological factors can cause a man not to have an erection for a long time or even not have an erection such as:

Stress, stress about problems in life such as work, family, economy, and toxic relationships reduces sexual excitement, and difficulty keeping an erection.

Worrying about their own lack of bed skills, not mastering the sex positions that make men doubt themselves, and fear not being able to bring pleasure to their partners.

Men who have problems with psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety disorders, depression, and difficulty concentrating will have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Due to illness

In addition to the two reasons above, it is difficult for men to keep an erection for a long time naturally, accompanied by many other physiological symptoms such as premature ejaculation, physiological weakness, decreased libido, etc. :

Diseases that cause blockage or damage to blood vessels such as cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Men with fatty blood, overweight – obese have a blood cholesterol index higher than normal.

Parkinson’s disease directly affects physiological health in general and penile erection in particular.

Effects from liver failure and kidney failure also have a negative impact on sexual function and the erection process, maintaining an erection.

Effective ways to keep an erection for a long time naturally

The penis is hard to erect for a long time, causing poor quality love, the couple does not reach orgasm, loses interest, and easily cracks the couple’s feelings. Not only that, but this is also a sign of some worrisome male or systemic diseases, affecting the overall health and physiological and reproductive health of men.

Therefore, as soon as you find yourself having problems getting an erection or keeping an erection for as long as usual, you should find a way to fix it right before it develops into a disease, difficult to treat. Here are some simple ways to help keep erections longer naturally:

Choose the right relationship position and change flexibly

Performing appropriate sex positions and flexibly changing positions is the simplest way to maintain an erection longer, prolong love, and still ensure emotional sublimation and orgasm. degree. To do this, you need to focus on performing positions that help the “little guy” have a maximum erection for a long time such as:

  • Riding Pose
  • Gift wrapping pose
  • Waterfall pose
  • Cowboy Pose

Avoid choosing Doggy poses or variations of Doggy. Because in this position, the penis will penetrate very deeply into the vagina, causing extreme orgasms that are difficult to control, easy to ejaculate and quickly sag the penis.

At the same time, be flexible to changing sex positions, mainly at the time of reaching orgasm. This is not just a sex trick, it has become a sex technique practiced by professionals to maintain an erection of the penis and prolong the time of intercourse.

Do quality foreplay

One of the effective natural ways to keep an erection for a long time is to train the penis to get used to sexual stimuli. And there is no more effective way than focusing on doing quality foreplay. In addition to caressing, hugging, and kissing, oral sex is the perfect foreplay that shouldn’t be missed.

According to experts, oral sex before sex helps the penis quickly harden and maintain an erection for longer, smooth intercourse even though there is no stimulation after that. However, oral sex puts the penis in contact with saliva, so it can boost sex drive and arousal, so be careful not to ejaculate.

In addition, note that before having oral sex, both men and women must clean the penis and oral cavity. This helps create a better psychology for the performer and prevents problems with sexually transmitted infections.

Gently pinch the tip of the penis

During sex, if you feel an orgasm coming and have a feeling of wanting to ejaculate, pinch the tip of the penis with your hand, then focus on tightening the urethra to prevent this phenomenon. This is also a way to maintain an erection of the penis, prolonging sexual intercourse.

Experts say this technique is done by pushing some blood out of the penis and temporarily blocking the feeling of wanting to ejaculate. However, this method should not be abused because it is very easy to cause hematoma which is not good for the penis.

Use the right condom

Wearing a condom is also one of the ways to keep an erection of the penis longer without using Western drugs. This is a solution that has been researched, proven, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Specifically, according to expert advice, men should choose to use a special condom, which contains a small amount of the anesthetic active ingredient lidocaine or benzocaine and a lubricant.

These are all substances that have the ability to cause local anesthesia, reduce the excessive sensitivity of the penis, and prevent premature ejaculation, but still stimulate enough to maintain an erection at will, and prolong sex. On the contrary, you should avoid choosing condoms that are too thick or have spikes because it will easily make men lose interest in sex, and the penis will be flimsy.

Avoid using stimulants or aphrodisiacs

Giving up the habit of using stimulants such as alcohol, drugs, and aphrodisiacs or steroids is a natural way to keep an erection for a long time as well as effective prevention of erectile dysfunction. In these types, all contain toxic substances, although capable of stimulating and increasing strength, but very seriously affect the erection of the penis.

There have been many cases of men addicted to alcohol, aphrodisiacs, or abusing steroids, causing physiological reduction, erectile dysfunction, impaired sperm quality, and even leading to infertility and infertility. Therefore, men need to avoid using the above-mentioned types and instead use more suitable exercise solutions to improve the erection of the genital organs.

Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in sexual and physiological health in men. If this hormone is too low, it causes the penis to lose the ability to get an erection very quickly even with sexual stimulation. Currently, there are two ways to supplement testosterone: through foods and supplements.

However, in this case, men can choose to supplement with functional foods to achieve faster results. Most of these products not only help increase testosterone hormone production, increase arousal, and libido, but also help control erections for longer. At the same time, preventing physiological problems such as premature ejaculation, and physiological weakness improves sperm quality, and slows male menopause.

Consult your doctor for advice on the appropriate use of dietary supplements. Absolutely adhere to the dose, use, and time of use, and persevere to achieve the best results. Avoid excessive abuse or arbitrarily adjust the dose according to feelings to limit harmful effects on health.

Having a healthy diet

Nutrition plays a very important role in human health. In particular, men, should not only eat enough nutrients but also have to prioritize foods that are good for physiological health and eliminate unhealthy foods to improve the long erection of the penis and erection of the penis. Perseverance and satisfaction in sex.

In contrast, men are deficient in substances due to poor diet, which is a precondition for the development of worrisome diseases. There are male diseases, typically erectile dysfunction, hard erection, erection but can’t keep for a long time and quickly ejaculate. So, check your daily eating menu to soon control and adjust this important issue.

Some foods are good for physiology and improve the ability to control an erection for men such as:

  • Sea oysters, sea crabs
  • Fish such as salmon, tuna
  • Seasoning ingredients such as ginger, garlic
  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits such as bananas, avocados, watermelons, blueberries, etc.
  • Vegetables such as beets, okra, potatoes, tomatoes, bean sprouts
  • Dark Chocolate

Moderate physical training

Exercising every day is not only good for health, and strengthens resistance but it is also the simplest and safest solution to improve physiological health. A great benefit that men have when exercising in moderation is restoring the ability to control an erection, keeping it as long as they want during intercourse.

Not only that, but proper exercise also helps stimulate muscle development, body flexibility, and endurance. Stimulates blood circulation effectively to the genital organs, namely the penis, and also contributes to the maintenance of a longer erection. A scientific study also proves that regular exercise also helps the body to produce more endorphins, creating more comfort and excitement during sex.

Some sports are suitable for men with erectile dysfunction such as jogging, walking, swimming, Kegel exercises, Yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, and push-ups.

Dealing with psychological problems that cause erectile dysfunction

As mentioned above, extreme psychological factors such as stress, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, psychological obsession with sexual abuse, etc. are all causes of erectile dysfunction, causing erectile dysfunction. The penis is hard to get an erection or even if it has an erection, it won’t last long. At this time, instead of abusing aphrodisiac drugs, men should actively implement solutions to overcome psychological problems such as:

Relax, take the time to think about the problem you are facing, and find the most suitable solution at this time. Be it seeing a doctor, taking medicine, or any safe method;

Share with your partner about your current health condition, maintain deep conversations and show love for each other, especially during sex

During treatment, practice living a positive life from within your own thoughts. Do not indulge in extreme thoughts about yourself, the more negative the emotions, the more severe the degree of erectile dysfunction becomes

Accept the fact that you have the disease and cooperate with a psychologist for treatment support with the best results.

Set up a scientific timetable

Instead of living arbitrarily, without bluff, with unscientific hours, gentlemen should build a scientific timetable that is consistent with the daily routine. Here are some important factors to follow in the implementation process:

Get enough sleep: Balance work and sleep time, and avoid staying up late or sleeping less because lack of sleep is one of the reasons why the penis loses its natural erection. Not only that, but sleeping less also makes the body weak, tired and severely physiological decline. So, make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours a day, sleep deeply, sleep well and sleep before 11 pm is the best.

Do not have sex when the body is tired and weak: A poor health condition is also a cause that negatively affects the erection of the penis. At such times, men should avoid sex to avoid having an erection or not keeping an erection for a long time. Instead, get a good night’s sleep or rest comfortably so that the body can restore the energy it has expanded.

Maintain a suitable weight: A scientific, moderate, and orderly lifestyle will help the body function smoothly, prevent overweight and obesity as well as limit nerve damage on the penis. A healthy penis means a normal erection.

Final thought

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about how to keep an erection longer without pills and wishes you all the best on your sex life journey!

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