How to Increase Sex Time Without Medicine

how to increase sex time without medicine

Sex is one of the most urgent needs for human benefit. However, sometimes we seem to forget how to take care of ourselves to make the “love” longer. So what is the way to prolong the relationship time? Let’s explore how to increase sex time without medicine in this article!

If your feelings about sex become less exciting or lovemaking becomes shorter, then this is the time to change some factors about your health and diet to improve your health. rekindling the “love”. Some of the measures below will help you improve your health and spirit for sex.

“How to prolong sex?”, “How not to ejaculate too soon in battle?”. These are the most common questions that most people ask, especially males. Defining the boundary of the problem is quite simple. If you ejaculate after three minutes of sex, then you should take a closer look at your condition and learn about the causes of your premature ejaculation. Here are ways to help you and your partner have quality sex that you may be interested in.

How long is enough time to have sex?

The duration of intercourse is calculated from the moment the penis enters the vagina to the moment the man ejaculates. In full-fledged men, the time of intercourse can be up to several tens of minutes.

In contrast, men with premature ejaculation can end the process of intercourse quickly after only 2 minutes. Even in some cases, men with severe physiological weakness are still in the state of “having not gone to the market and spent all the money”.

A survey of sexologists in the US and Canada gave the results of how many minutes of sex is enough. Accordingly, men maintaining intercourse for 7-10 minutes is enough to satisfy both.

At this time, the female has reached orgasm several times. At the same time, the ideal milestone when having sex that many men want to reach falls between 8 -15 minutes. If “love” longer is considered too long.

How to prolong sex effectively?

How to increase sex time without medicine: Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is a way to prolong sex. Many studies show that the majority of men who have a habit of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables are likely to have sex longer during sex than those who eat less of these foods.

Why is that? The reason is that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits will have more endurance because the body is provided with many nutrients, especially potassium. Here are some fruits you should add to help you increase the time of sex:

  • Banana: Since bananas are rich in potassium, eating a banana right before sex can help improve your sexual performance;
  • Raspberry: Drinking raspberry juice or other juices with the same ingredients every day can also help you improve your performance in battle and improve the quality of your sperm, as currants are rich in iron and zinc;
  • Strawberry: Enjoying a handful of strawberries before sex is also an effective solution, because strawberries contain a large number of substances such as zinc with high concentrations, helping you to prolong the time of ejaculation.

Reduce smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of hardening of the arteries, which leads to reduced blood flow to your penis. Smoking negatively affects every system and organ of the body, including sexual and reproductive functions. Erection in men has a lot to do with heart and blood vessel health, so smoking can be seen as an indirect cause of sexual problems in men, especially affecting the erection and pleasure of the penis.

Smokers are twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as non-smokers. It can be seen that reducing smoking brings great benefits to your overall health, especially men, not only having good health but also helping to improve the time of intercourse.

Getting enough sleep is a natural way to prolong sex time

One of the ways to prolong sex is to improve sleep quality. According to a study, men who sleep less than 5 hours a night have a higher risk of decreased testosterone levels. What you need to do is make sure your sleep lasts 7-8 hours to promote and increase the quality of your sexual activity.

Exercise for arms and abdomen

Fitness is a way to prolong sex. Most sex positions require a man to use a lot of strength in his arms and legs. This means that men need to have strong bone and muscle strength to be able to prolong love. Therefore, working out the biceps, leg muscles, and abs at the gym or at home will not only help you have a strong and healthy body but can also help you improve your relationship ability.

Strength training improves blood circulation throughout the entire body, including the penis, and this has many benefits for your sexual health. You can refer to specialized exercises with the function of improving sex. Please consult a fitness expert for more advice on this matter.

Try Kegel Exercises or Pelvic Exercises

Kegel exercises can help you better control your bladder, but they can also help maintain an erection in men for longer. Imagine you are urinating and then try to stop the flow. Repeat this cycle in order: release–hold–drop 10 times and try to hold each time for 10 seconds. Patiently practice this little exercise, and you will see unexpected effects.

Focus on foreplay to prolong sex

Focusing on foreplay is a way to prolong the relationship. Sometimes you can also get your woman to orgasm first by using your fingers or mouth. This helps reduce stress for both of you during sex and helps maintain an erection longer.

Choose the right condom

Choosing the right condom is a way to prolong sex. Most major condom manufacturers produce thicker condoms, which reduce abrasion and thus help you last longer.

Final thought

If you’ve tried everything you can to improve the quality of your sexual performance, but you still haven’t been successful and the quality of sex isn’t improving or even going downhill, then maybe it’s time to talk about it. Discuss your problems with sexual health professionals. Do not be afraid to discuss with the experts the problems you are facing and you will be consulted and provided with professional and helpful advice and treatments.

With these simple ways to prolong the time of sex, Top News hopes you have found solutions that can help improve men’s bravery and improve the quality of your health and sex life.

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