How to express your feelings to someone you love in words

how to express your feelings to someone you love in words

When you’re in a relationship with someone who truly holds your heart, you’ll always want that person to know the feelings you have inside. If you’ve just had a crush on someone, it’s more complicated.

Expressing your love to someone can be difficult at first, but there are many ways to show your love without having to say out loud “I love you”. Dropping a balloon with big hearts into the sky is an ostentatious display of affection, replace it with simpler but more meaningful expressions of your sincere affection. Here’s how to express your feelings to someone you love in words you should know!

1. Say “I love you”

“I love you” is a simple word but it can be really powerful

Letting someone know that you love them is the most obvious way to express your feelings and make them stronger. However, there are other ways to say “I love you”, by changing the wording. For example, instead of saying those three words, you can say other words that are equally meaningful like “I am thrilled to have you in my life”, “I feel lucky to have you”, or “I am so lucky to have you.” I love you because you are always yourself”.

Expressing love in different ways allows you to specifically say why you love the person and create a new feeling instead of the familiar three-word confession.

2. Let the person know how important they are

Letting your crush know their positive influence on your life is the most obvious way to show your love and appreciation for them. For example, if your partner makes spending time with your family more pleasant, let him know that thanks to him or her, you have been able to communicate more comfortably with your loved one. If you’ve had a bad day at work, and seeing your crush gives you quick relief, let him or her know that just seeing them will make you feel better.

If the person makes your life better or more comfortable, say that because of them, your life is richer, so that he or she feels wanted, appreciated, and loved.

3. Open your heart to that person

Opening your heart means expressing your thoughts and feelings sincerely, without hiding anything. With such sharing of feelings, there is a possibility that you will be criticized, hurt, rejected, etc. It’s important to remember that if you love someone, the fact that you open up, speak honestly about yourself, and let them know who you really are means you can get hurt. It is you who decide to sacrifice your own safety in exchange for a deep relationship.

Sacrificing for anything is never easy, but opening up to someone you love is a way to show your commitment to the relationship.

4. Ask for his or her advice

Asking for advice shows that you respect their opinion. This means that you see them as a guide, while also helping them understand more about their role in your life, which is a step in making your relationship stronger.

It’s not necessary to ask for advice about being important, although you can always do so. Just let the person know that you care about their opinion, and want to know how they will handle it to show the respect you have for them.

5. Release each other’s feelings.

If the person is scared, upset, worried, or confused about something, advise them to release and share their feelings with you. Let the person know that you want them to remove the protective covering and speak out about what’s on your mind. Sometimes we need a place to vent our frustrations. Let the person know that you are always there to listen to what they have to say.

This shows the person that they are comfortable expressing their feelings, and that you are there to listen to them vent.

As they open up to you, make sure your mind is also present at the moment. This means avoiding checking your phone or any other distraction and focusing on what the other person is saying. Pay attention to how they feel when they tell you about their troubles, and provide insightful feedback.
If you don’t know what to say, a tight and affectionate hug is a sign that you will always be there for that person.

6. Tell each other secrets

Sharing a secret is a clever way to let your partner know that you trust them. We usually don’t reveal our secrets to anyone; Therefore, trusting someone to share your inner feelings and thoughts is the true expression of a loving and caring relationship.

Sharing secrets creates a closed circle between the two of you, making the bond between you and your partner stronger.

7. Always be honest

Honesty is one of the best things to keep relationship strong
Honesty is one of the best things to keep the relationship strong

Expressing your honesty to your partner can be difficult at times, especially when you’re trying not to hurt their feelings. However, telling the truth, even if it hurts, increases your trust level and creates a bond with that person. This shows that you are an honest, honest person who does not fake or coaxes others just to please them.

Expressing your feelings honestly is a way to show respect to your partner, but consider it carefully because it’s not easy.

However, remember to speak the truth tactfully. The truth can be hard to hear, but you shouldn’t say it like throwing cold water on someone.

8. Encourage that person

As a lover, it can be said that it is your responsibility – and also the most important part of a relationship – to show your affection, encourage and help your partner achieve their dreams and goals in life. living. With encouragement, you’re encouraging that person to become the best version of themselves and follow their dreams.

You can encourage the person by saying “I believe you can do it”, “You work very hard and your efforts will soon be recognized”, or “All of my efforts will be made.” I will soon be rewarded”.

Supporting that person and helping them achieve success is a way to make that person feel like they have a strong back.

9. Listen

Being a good listener means you care deeply about her
Being a good listener means you care deeply about her

Often nothing scores more points than being able to focus, really listen to what the other person has to say, and then give meaningful feedback. When you really listen to the other person, you focus solely on that person, giving them your complete and complete attention.

Even though it’s such a simple thing, listening is a huge act of caring, showing that you’re there to help that person through any difficulties. Listening to that person also reinforces the idea that you’re a teammate, and that you’re always there when he or she needs help.

10. Show love through small things

Anything you can do to lighten the load on that person will show how much you care and love them.
Doing things like going out to buy food before they wake up, refueling their car, or washing the dishes are all clever ways to show your partner that you’re thinking about them.

11. Always attentive

Being thoughtful means always thinking about how the other person feels about anything. When you make a decision about something, remember that person.

For example, when camping, bring a few extra mattresses for your partner, because you know they’ll have a hard time sleeping on a hard surface. Or, if you’re going on a picnic, you should prepare some of his or her favorite dishes to surprise.

12. Make time for each other

Everyone has their own lives so busy that sometimes there’s no time left for other things, but trying to spend time with your partner is a simple way to heal and show your priorities. Use this time to share, go for a walk, or have dinner together.

What matters is not the number of hours spent together, but the quality of that time. You don’t have to make a specific schedule, as it’s the effort to make time for them that says it all.

13. Love your inner child

Sometimes, adult life is dull and boring. To reverse that feeling, you need to awaken the child within you. Create surprises in life, do some random things and try new things.

This may not sound like a direct expression of love, but by making the relationship enjoyable, you show that you’re working hard to always have a memorable time with your partner. Going on an expedition together will leave many memories and stories to tell later.

14. Emotional physical contact

Everyone enjoys a different level of “touch,” but gentle, emotional physical contact is a subtle physical expression of affection. Gestures like holding hands, playfully touching an arm, and resting your head on your shoulder are clever ways to show intimacy and love.

15. Build confidence

Always be yourself when you want to interact with the person you have a crush on. You certainly don’t want to build a relationship out of lies or pretending to be someone; So let your personality shine. Sometimes, when you don’t know what to say, ask the person about themselves or compliment them. For example, “What sport do you like to play?” or “You did a great job in your presentation today.”

The easiest topics to talk about are things you two have in common, such as the same classes, places you’ve been to, or your favorite restaurant. Talking about what you two have in common will put you in a good mood and help you relax.

16. Expressed through body language

Touching someone is a sign of intimacy. Therefore, the subtle way to say that you like your partner is to remove the awkwardness of touching each other. Using light touches is the best way to get your point across without being too obvious.

For example, if you’re talking to the person or walking past them, you can lightly touch their arm. If you’re sitting next to your partner, you may occasionally accidentally let your feet or knees touch them and smile to show affection.

Just a little bit of physical attention can show the love you have for them. Lightly touching the person once or twice during a conversation is enough for them to understand your feelings.

17. Express your feelings directly to that person

Choose a place that doesn’t stress you out, is suitable for a private conversation, looks them in the eye, and lets them know how you feel. You can have a normal conversation, and after a while, move on to the main issue and express your feelings. Then give them a compliment or two during the show of affection. For example: “I really like you. No one can make me laugh as much as you.”

After expressing your sympathy, give them time to respond and think about what you just said. Don’t immediately ask how they feel or think.

You shouldn’t be too stressed. Give the person time to receive and respond, don’t try to put more pressure on them.

Final thought

Control your emotions, Falling in love is a natural thing, and so is wanting to show your feelings to the person you love.

Don’t talk too much love. If you tell your crush that you love them 15 times a day, you will gradually lose the value of that. Cut back on the fancy words, and incorporate some emotional action.

Don’t lose yourself when you love someone. Keep doing what you love, highlighting your personality and uniqueness.

Try not to get angry when the person you have a crush on doesn’t have feelings for you. Accept it politely, work through it, and continue to be a good friend. Maybe they will have feelings for you in the future.
Don’t show shyness in front of the person you have a crush on, or she’ll think you’re a coward.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about how to express your feelings to someone you love in words and wishes you the best of luck!

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