Foods to eat when you have diarrhea

foods to eat when you have diarrhea

For people with diarrhea, food plays a very important role in the recovery process. There are foods that provide nutrients to nourish the body and help it recover from diarrhea, but there are also foods that make the condition worse. So, choosing which foods to ease the pain instead of making the situation worse is a matter of concern for many people. The following article will help you choose the right foods for you and your loved ones when you have diarrhea.

Let’s explore what foods to eat when you have diarrhea with Top News in this article!

1. Banana

Banana is one of those foods to eat when you have diarrhea
Banana is one of those foods to eat when you have diarrhea

Bananas can help relieve diarrhea and related symptoms. A large amount of potassium present in bananas helps provide essential electrolytes that are often lost during diarrhea. However, you need to eat bananas with the rest of the food, not just bananas because that will make the condition worse. Interestingly, including bananas in your regular diet is good for your overall wellness, especially because bananas are listed as one of the best foods to help you sleep well at night.

2. Rice

Eat rice when you have diarrhea
Eat rice when you have diarrhea

Rice has a very light taste, is easy to digest and also has the effect of binding loose stools. However, the fiber in brown rice can make diarrhea worse, so you should also pay attention to choosing the right rice! The dietary goal during diarrhea is to eat foods that are high in protein, taste bland, and low in fiber. With the above requirements, white rice will be the perfect choice for people with diarrhea.

3. Apple sauce

Apple sauce is good for you when you have diarrhea
Apple sauce is good for you when you have diarrhea

The pectin contained in apple sauce helps to slow down intestinal secretion and can reduce symptoms of diarrhea. Not only that, the natural sugar contained in apple sauce also helps to replenish the energy lost during diarrhea. Due to its mildness and ease of digestion, apple sauce is one of the most effective foods in the treatment of diarrhea.

4. Toasted bread

Toasted bread can help relieve diarrhea
Toasted bread can help relieve diarrhea

Toast can help relieve diarrhea by adding bulk to the stool. Not only that, it is also a pale food that provides carbohydrates to help increase energy for the body.

In addition to the four foods above that are part of the BRAT diet, there are many other foods that can also help with diarrhea. Understanding the effects of food will help you choose the right foods and know which foods to avoid to manage symptoms.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt helps you relieve diarrhea
Yogurt helps you relieve diarrhea

If your diarrhea is caused by antibiotics, yogurt may be the right choice because yogurt contains probiotics that help reduce or prevent loose stools.

Antibiotics reduce the number of bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract, causing loose stools that lead to diarrhea. At that time, yogurt can help replenish these microorganisms, helping to prevent the side effects of antibiotics.

Dairy products can be bad for your stomach, so start with a small spoonful or small amount of yogurt to see if yogurt is right for your digestive system at that time or not. when you eat the whole box!

What should I drink if I have diarrhea?

Fluids are also important for recovery. People with diarrhea should drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and should drink an extra glass of water after each loose bowel movement.

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent dehydration and removes any toxins from the body.

However, like water, the body also loses minerals and electrolytes due to diarrhea. Therefore, you should try to drink fluids containing minerals and electrolytes to replenish what is lost. Sources of electrolytes and minerals include:

  • Soup
  • Coconut water
  • Electrolyzed water like oresol
  • Sports drinks

Avoid eating foods high in fiber when you have diarrhea

Nuts, seeds, fruits, or products made from whole wheat. Fibers keep the colon active, so they don’t help relieve symptoms of diarrhea. Hot spicy foods, fried foods with a lot of fat, and foods with high sugar content can also stimulate intestinal secretion.

In addition, you should not drink caffeinated beverages or energy drinks and fruit juices.

Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer and caffeine

When you have diarrhea, you should avoid foods and drinks that stimulate the excretory system, as this will lead to dehydration. Because alcohol, beer, and caffeine act as diuretics, they can easily cause dehydration, so you need to avoid drinking these drinks when you have diarrhea.

Sorbitol and other artificial sweeteners

Some people find that artificial sweeteners have a laxative effect on the digestive system. So if you have diarrhea, it’s best to avoid sweets, including sugar-free gum and sugar substitutes.

Foods that cause flatulence

For good health, you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. However, when you have diarrhea, you need to avoid eating foods that can increase gas in the intestines such as cabbage, beans, broccoli and cauliflower until you feel better.

Final thoughts

One of the more serious complications of diarrhea is dehydration. When you have diarrhea for a long time, take these steps to avoid becoming dehydrated:

To keep the body hydrated, you should drink enough water, if your urine is not clear white it means your body is lacking water. These are the top 5 foods to eat when you have diarrhea, so make sure that you include one of these in your daily meal.

If diet and simple measures still don’t work and symptoms persist along with bleeding, belching, and bloating, you should see your doctor. Your doctor will determine if the cause of your diarrhea is a serious medical condition, and then advise the appropriate treatment.