Foods that increase libido you need to know

foods that increase libido

Sexual desire is inherent in every human being. Today, however, the problem of frigidity or disorder is quite common. Faced with these difficulties, how to increase sexual desire to help couples improve their relationship? Let’s find out foods that increase libido along with other ways to help you maintain your sex drive in this article!

Sexual desire is a physiological phenomenon that occurs when each person’s body approaches puberty. This is a natural expression in animals and humans to promote reproduction.

Sexual desire does not have a specific measure but will be flexible to change in each person. However, in the majority of studies, increased libido occurs from puberty until middle age. After that, the older you get, the less desire you have.

Sexual desire occurs due to many internal and external environmental factors. During puberty, the hormones that cause a person to begin to develop desires. Besides, some others because of work and life habits will have reduced sex drive.

The natural solution to increase sex drive with less invasiveness

To increase sex drive, we can use a lot of different methods. However a non-invasive solution will be chosen by the crowd. The safety and guarantee of long-term results of natural methods not only help us to get rid of frigidity, but also have dual benefits for our health and life.

Here are some methods to increase sex drive for your reference:

  • Eat fruits that increase libido
  • Try some chocolate
  • Use herbs
  • Give up the use of alcoholic beverages
  • Relax and relax to stay positive
  • Build a balanced diet
  • Get advice from your doctor.

Food that increase libido in both men and women

There are not few methods to improve sex drive like using drugs or support products. However, it is believed that daily intake of food produces slow effects but long-term benefits.


Ginkgo is an herb that can be used when wanting to increase sex drive naturally. However, a research study on this herb is still not really sure if it has a female enhancement effect.

Where can you find ginkgo biloba? This herb can be made into capsules or extracts or dried. You can learn to buy online at health food stores.


Ginseng is a precious medicine that has many positive effects on our health. Recently, there has been cognitive research on this herb and its effect on increasing libido.

Results in a small study showed that ginseng was better than a placebo in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in subjects taking methadone. However, with the group of subjects who do not use methadone, it is necessary to study carefully before drawing conclusions about the effects of ginseng.

Since human hearts are quite popular, you can easily find them in stores. Fresh, dried or refined kernels in loose form, all have the effect of increasing libido when used properly.


In a study of postmenopausal women, they were more susceptible to sexual apathy when taking antidepressants. Therefore, this subject can use the question to stabilize physiological function and the question also helps to increase fertility and sexual desire.

However, you should not overuse the use of doubt in the treatment of mood disorders because sometimes its effects are not true miracles but only affect the process of improving goodwill. want to increase libido.


The herb called Tribulus is used in supplementing the body with nutrients to help increase sex drive. In a small study with 60 participants, scientists tested the effectiveness of this herb with 7.5 milligrams of the extract.

After about 1 month of use, physiological dysfunctions are somewhat improved. Overall assessment shows that women participating in the experiment have significantly increased sexual desire and feel more comfortable than before.

Saffron pistil

Saffron has recently been known and used by many people because of its ability to cure insomnia and improve the body’s resistance. Therefore, researchers conducted product analysis to learn about their use in improving physiological function.

Women taking antidepressants were the subjects of interest and included in this study. After 4 weeks of use, most of them had more positive feelings about sex drive. However, that is still not enough to confirm that saffron can be aphrodisiac or increase libido for both men and women.

Red wine

Red wine is the drink chosen by women to relax after a long stressful day. Therefore, some studies have hypothesized the ability of this alcohol to increase sex drive.

Researchers think that drinking a little wine a day can help blood circulation. Since then, sexual desire also increases, but if used too much, the effect will be completely opposite.


Apple is a fruit that often appears in every family. However, the use of this fruit is not well known. Currently, there has not been any conclusion to confirm the use of apples with physiological enhancement. However, we still use it and see more positive developments from the body, not just sex, but spirit and beautiful young skin.


Alfalfa is used extract or cook quite good for human health. Some studies have proven this herb is good for male physiology. So what about women? Alfalfa can be used to treat sexual problems in women. However, the real use is only limited to sexual health for men.


Chocolate is a sweet or bitter food that is often enjoyed by lovers on the occasion of celebration. With the widespread popularity and use of many women, scientists have conducted research on the impact of this food on women’s libido.

The coffee

Coffee is considered a stimulant that helps the body to be more alert and awake for work. Therefore, many users mistakenly believe that this is a way to increase sexual desire.

To date, there have been no studies that have proven or confirmed the effect of coffee consumption and increased libido.


Honey is a rare product that contains high levels of antioxidants. Women use to improve health and beauty. Therefore, they sometimes consider it a product that stimulates physiological function. However, this needs more research to be able to draw accurate conclusions.

Raw oysters

Oysters are a zinc-rich food used by men to enhance sexual performance. Besides, women use it will also make the skin brighter. Therefore, we always think that eating oysters will help increase sex drive. But so far, there is no scientific basis to prove and confirm this.


Capsaicin is an ingredient found in chili peppers that increases libido. The scientists performed this study on male mice and observed the results. However, that experiment was not enough basis to conclude that this substance can also work in the human body.


Banana is a fruit that contains many nutrients and is good for the brain. Bananas are also a positive source of potassium for every body to help synthesize testosterone. As a result, some scientific theories are that bananas help enhance male physiology quite effectively.


Potatoes do not currently have any proven studies to confirm the ability to enhance physiology. However, this is a food that provides the body with kelo, so it is assumed to have the same effect as bananas.

Other ways to increase libido should be combined with eating habits

Supplementing with sexual enhancement foods will not completely help you increase your physiology. Here are some other ways that can work together to increase libido.

Improve the quality of every sleep

Getting enough sleep and on time is a good habit that brings positive effects to health. Therefore, you should practice for yourself to have a habit of sleeping enough and properly so that the body does not fall into a state of exhaustion.

Play sports suitable for physical fitness

Obesity is also a common cause of low sex drive. Try participating in one or more sports that suit you to improve this problem.

Practice relaxing acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of opening up the meridians to help the body’s circulation better. As a result, sexual desire will be improved.

Join meditation or yoga courses to help relieve stress

Meditation or some yoga exercises will help the body dispel stress and fatigue. When the body is relaxed, all problems will improve.

Final thought

We should not underestimate the impact of sexual frigidity on our lives. If you feel the symptoms of sexual frigidity are affecting your quality of life, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about foods that increase libido and wishes your sexual life is joyful and happy.

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