Elon Musk’s Tesla phone PI project

Elon Musk's Tesla phone PI project

Before Elon Musk’s Tesla phone PI project, there were many other technology “giants” that “jumped” from industry to industry to develop more ecosystems or expand business areas.

However, since this is a product of Tesla – and founder Elon Musk, this smartphone is sure to be very special. And most likely, this smartphone will play a “game changer” role in the market that is “thirst” for this innovation.

Although Tesla has not officially confirmed the information, close sources say that the electric car manufacturer’s smartphone model is called Model Pi/P, and owns a 108MP camera, a 6.5-inch screen with 4K resolution, and a large capacity. up to 2TB of internal storage. The expected price of this smartphone is in the range of 800-1,200 USD.

According to sources, the smartphone may be integrated with Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 8 series memory chip, similar in color to Tesla car colors, and act as a smart key for cars of the same brand better than any other smartphone. any other phone.

In addition, there is another remarkable and somewhat distant information: this smartphone can connect to the Starlink satellite system providing Internet services developed by Tesla.

This last information is quite difficult to come true. Because for a smartphone to be able to connect to a satellite requires a large antenna and a much more powerful transceiver mechanism.

If Tesla really succeeds in this aspect of its smartphone, it will be a great and unique advantage for Tesla phone PI users, as they can connect to the relatively broadband Internet before the 5G network becomes available. more popular.

Last but not least, with the smartphone becoming the key to the car, Tesla phones can be integrated more and more deeply into Tesla’s software.

Tesla can integrate dedicated buttons to lock, unlock, locate the car and call for help using the car’s speakerphone on this smartphone.

The phone will also help the car locate and pick up its owner if it’s autonomous. This will be especially helpful for people who easily forget where they parked their car.

Even if billionaire Elon Musk has a further vision, he will develop those features in the direction of being able to configure the smartphone to work with other car models.

This could be a factor that attracts potential customers to buy Tesla cars.

Tesla phones compete with Apple

Tesla phone PI 2022
Tesla phone PI 2022

According to observers, of all the potential competitors to Tesla in the smartphone market, Apple is the biggest threat due to customer loyalty, image popularity, and a large marketing budget.

Apple’s technological and financial prowess makes it a formidable future competitor to Tesla.

At a glance, Tesla and Apple have quite similar approaches to their markets, and both enjoy similar advantages.

Apple is led by a charismatic leader, Steve Jobs, and Tesla is led by founder Elon Musk – who was also influenced by Steve Jobs’ unique approach to product management and creation.

Both companies have impressive brand-loyal customer bases, market valuations close to potential, and strong financial strength.

The biggest difference between these two “giants” is that: although Apple has significantly reduced its marketing activities, it is still basically the market leader in this respect.

Apple also tends to be the standard setter in terms of product quality. In contrast, Tesla doesn’t promote much and has a history of poor product quality testing.

There is a very high correlation between iPhone users and Tesla car buyers. So if Apple succeeds in producing a vehicle that is deeply integrated into the company’s ecosystem, it could take a significant chunk of the market away from Tesla.

In addition, smartphones are gradually becoming the key to new Tesla cars and they have partly integrated audio-visual technology into Tesla cars.

But Apple could completely disrupt this interactive advantage by directing iPhone users away from Tesla cars. This factor probably prompted billionaire Elon Musk to consider developing his own smartphone.

But Tesla is not necessarily without advantage over Apple. With help from Qualcomm, Tesla is fully capable of closing the gap in phone technology with Apple.

It is undeniable that Tesla can do better than Apple at integrating connectivity between cars and phones. Qualcomm also has more experience working with cars than Apple, through chips for its car audio-visual systems and its autonomous driving software.

If Tesla can improve product quality management, it will probably provide a better driving experience than an Apple car that has not yet been born.

In addition, the regulatory hurdles and complexities surrounding building a car are much higher than those developing a smartphone.

Therefore, Tesla can absolutely move faster in the smartphone market with the help of Qualcomm than Apple in the car market.

Final thought

With bleeding-edge designs and excellent features, the Tesla phone is expected to be successful in years to come.

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