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Top places to visit in Portugal

places to visit in portugal

The Portuguese hinterland blends the majestic northern mountains with the vast plains of the sunny central region. In the south, some of the best beaches are flanked by picturesque bays and warm, shallow waters. Scattered throughout the region are stone villages, fairy towns, and trendy urban areas where historic sites and castles, libraries, and temples […]

Top places in Austria that are worth visiting

places in austria

Once a powerful empire in the vast European empire, today’s Austria still retains in itself the aura of its beautiful past. Vienna has long been a beacon of classical music, architecture, art, and famous pastries. Or Salzburg – Mozart’s hometown – which owns a lot of beautiful architecture and buildings. Not only stopping at history […]

Top places to visit in Switzerland

places to visit in switzerland

Switzerland is a small country but has a wonderful natural landscape, including many highland areas with majestic high Apple mountains, beautiful glaciers, long mountains, and beautiful mountains. ancient castles, clear turquoise lakes, and high snow-covered peaks. With more than 200 peaks higher than 3,000m. Switzerland is known as the pearl of Europe one of the […]