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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

robotic process automation

Possessing many advanced features, Robotic Process Automation is quickly becoming the first choice of many businesses in the process of digital transformation. So what is the RPA solution? What are the trends, roles, and applications of RPA in the business? Let’s find out the details right here. What is Robotic Process Automation? Robotic Process Automation […]

What is Blockchain and Why is it important?


Blockchain is considered the “key” to transforming and building a modern information technology platform. So what is blockchain technology? And what are the applications of this platform in practice? What is blockchain? Blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information using blocks that are linked together and expand over time. Each block contains information […]

What actually is artificial intelligence?

artificial intelligence

In the era of flourishing industry 4.0, “Artificial Intelligence” is an indispensable factor. Today, artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) technology is considered one of the leading important technologies, helping people to solve many problems in life. This field is attracting great attention globally thanks to innovations with outstanding and modern features. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial […]

The importance of technology in teaching

technology in education

In the modern era where technology has become more and more popular, it’s no doubt that the importance of technology in teaching has a great impact on every industry sector. Technology application in education is the combined use of technology’s inventions and achievements in teaching activities to improve methods, forms, and teaching and learning tools. […]

Top 10 laptop brands you need to know

top 10 laptop brands

Nowadays, owning a laptop is a very necessary thing and we cannot deny the convenience of a laptop that it has helped a lot in work and study. Along with smartphones, laptops are indispensable technology devices for billions of users, from students to creative professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. So what is the best and favorite laptop […]

Tesla Optimus work as a maid for thousands of households

tesla optimus

In an article published online last week, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk shared the latest details about Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus, including its cost and possible uses. According to the report, this robot can not only be used in industrial production but also can be used in thousands of households. At Tesla’s “AI Day” in […]