Top 10 best paying jobs in technology

Top 10 best paying jobs in technology

Everyone who works in the IT industry is fascinated by top best paying jobs in technology.

Are you passionate about data science? Are you fascinated by the achievements of artificial intelligence AI? Or do you simply enjoy programming? No matter what, there is still a bright future waiting for you ahead. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing high-tech industries in the world. In 2019, global spending on technology reached $3,360 billion. This number will certainly continue to increase in the future.

In particular, most technological advancements have occurred in high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), big data, cloud computing, robotics, and of course, the highest-paying tech jobs will all be related to these fields, more or less.

Here are the best-paying jobs in technology that Top News wants to share!

1. Data Scientist is one the best paying jobs in technology

Data science is one of the best paying jobs in technology
Data science is one of the best paying jobs in technology

Data is considered the oil of modern society, so data scientists are also the most sought-after and the highest-paid. An article by the Harvard Business Review even considers this the “hottest” job of the 21st century.

A data scientist is someone who analyzes complex information to find trends and general details in order to make the best decisions based on these data. Their work includes collecting data from different sources, sifting through the right information, and then using a variety of models and algorithms to analyze this data. Ultimately, data scientists will have to use visualization techniques to present the collected and analyzed data to the business owner or user.

The most important skills of a data scientist include statistical analysis skills, knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Python, and SQL, good intuition before data, and even intelligence business acumen.

The average base salary for a data scientist is 141,000 USD/year.

2. IoT Solutions Architect

IoT Solutions Architect plays a vital role in technology
IoT Solutions Architect plays a vital role in technology

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are the two biggest technology trends in the digital age. IoT will help connect all devices via the Internet, thereby forming smart home/city models. Therefore, it is not surprising that the IoT solution architect is one of the stable high-paying jobs of modern times.

An IoT Solution Architect is a person responsible for developing IoT solutions and applications. In fact, they are the ones who influence the development of the entire IoT ecosystem of enterprises. Their work as architects in this field also includes realizing IoT ideas, building cross-industry IoT solutions,…

An IoT solution architect must have expertise in machine learning, good programming skills, and knowledge of hardware architecture as well as IoT solutions.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineering is among the best-paying jobs
Software engineering is among the best-paying jobs

Software engineering is an important part of the information technology industry, especially in the current era, when the need for software improvement and innovation is increasing. This explains why the demand for software engineers is so high.

Software engineers will have to work with customers to understand their requirements and then design, develop, maintain and test the designed software. In addition, software protocols are also developed by software engineers according to customer requirements.

A good software engineer needs to have good engineering, effective programming, and analytical skills, as well as the ability to communicate and manage tasks.

4. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is getting more and more popular
Blockchain is getting more and more popular

Blockchain is a new invention of the world. This concept is just encrypting data into blocks and then linking them together into chains. A blockchain engineer is someone who develops and implements digital solutions using blockchain technology. So system architectures, decentralized applications, and much more can all be built with the hands of blockchain engineers.

To become a blockchain engineer, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies used in Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum as well as analytical skills and carefulness.

5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer earns a handsome salary
DevOps Engineer earns a handsome salary

DevOps is one of the most popular terms today. DevOps refers to a series of activities aimed at accelerating the process of building, testing, and releasing software by automating specific processes. A DevOps engineer is a person who deploys and operates software, and computer systems in an organization or business. Their work includes model implementation, management of resources used during operation, performance monitoring, and more.

DevOps engineers must have good programming skills as well as proficient use of DevOps tools such as Gradle, Git, Jenkins,… Knowledge of Unix and Linux system administration is also extremely necessary for this position. mind this job.

6. AI Architect is also one of the best paying jobs in technology

AI Architect is one of the highest-paying jobs
AI Architect is one of the highest-paying jobs

Artificial intelligence is the future of the world. It has also become the subject of many conferences, seminars, and dialogues about technology and is interested in investing by all the technology giants in the world. Therefore, the recruitment demand and salary for AI architects, which are already high, will now be even higher.

An AI architect is a person who develops and manages all AI-related issues of a company or organization. Their work includes proposing AI solutions to customers as well as building system architectures based on AI technology.

AI architects must be proficient in languages ​​used for statistical computing such as Python, and R as well as key technologies in the field of AI such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning, and Neural Networks.

7. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing allows us to create complex and ambitious projects with the best data centers in the world and an extremely affordable price. Thanks to this extremely important role of cloud computing, the demand for recruiting cloud architects is also very large. They are the people who manage an organization’s cloud strategy, including cloud application design, cloud architecture, cloud deployment model, and more.

Cloud architects must understand and use fluently operating systems such as Linux, Unix, cloud computing services, and cloud security.

8. Data Warehouse Architect

Data Warehouse has gained popularity
Data Warehouse has gained popularity

Data is considered one of the precious fuels of modern society, so it needs to be carefully stored and properly exploited. This is the time for data warehouses (which can be roughly understood as data warehouses) to be effective. Data warehouse architects are the people who create these data warehouses, design solutions and use data warehouse technologies to manage them efficiently. In fact, much of the data in a company’s data warehouse is controlled by a data warehouse architect.

To become a data warehouse architect, you need to have specialized knowledge of data warehouse technologies, database design, and other technologies such as J2EE, and Cognos as well as communication skills. good.

9. Full-stack Developer

Full-stack Developer stands in one of the highest paying jobs
Full-stack Developer stands in one of the highest-paying jobs

A full-stack developer is someone who is capable of doing all the work related to application development. Therefore, they are proficient in all knowledge related to front-end, back-end, database, network, and system infrastructure.

In addition, a full-stack programmer must also be proficient in technologies related to web development, and API development. Knowledge of AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js,… is also very important. if you want to do this.

10. Product Manager

Today, technology companies are also constantly coming up with new products. And any product that is developed requires a product manager to manage the entire process. That’s why Product Manager is one of the high-paying jobs today.

They are the ones who define every detail of the product as well as choose who develops it. The timelines in the production process as well as the time of product launch are under the management of the product director.

A product Manager is someone who has a deep understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and is proficient in product management tools such as Asana, PivotalTracker, and JIRA. Soft skills such as ability Effective communication and time management skills are also essential if you want to become a good product manager.

Final thought

There is no doubt these jobs can bring you a ton of money, however, you should work on improving your work-life balance and stay away from stress related to work. Make sure you do regular exercise and have a balanced diet instead of just sitting and being inactive for a long time.

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