Benefits of jogging every morning

benefits of jogging every morning

Jogging in the morning is a simple, familiar form of exercise that is easy to practice every day. It is a good habit, scientifically proven to bring many great benefits to human health, with markedly improved health indicators. Although many people practice, not everyone understands and understands the effects of morning jogging.

What are the benefits of jogging every morning?

When you practice regularly, your body will have significant physical and mental changes to live healthier, limit disease, and find new joys in life.

Good for the cardiovascular system

According to research by scientists, regular morning jogging helps our cardiovascular system work better.

When jogging, the heart beats faster, which means that the heart also participates in the exercise process with the body. Here are the reasons why a morning jog is good for heart health:

Heart contracts more: Your heart contracts more in proportion to your jogging rate. The faster you run, the faster your heart contracts. This helps the heart muscle to work properly, and blood circulation regularly.

Increased blood pressure, increased beneficial cholesterol: It is clear that the blood works harder and harder, putting more pressure on the walls of your blood vessels and increasing your blood pressure. This helps you avoid blood diseases, blood pressure

Heart rate saving: When jogging is familiar and the heart works with the beat rate of a regular runner, the number of beats per minute of the heart will decrease, for example, the average person beats 70 beats/minute, and the person who exercises regularly will cycle 60 beats/min.

The heart beats faster and stronger to help pump blood to the organs in the body. This helps carry more nutrients and oxygen to the place where the organs work more efficiently.

More regulated and stable blood sugar will also help stabilize blood pressure. You can also prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Improve respiratory system, good for lungs, breathe fresh air

This is of course because when jogging, the respiratory system will be more active, and the breathing process takes place faster and stronger. This also promotes the muscles of the respiratory system to work better.

The lungs make the intake of oxygen and the removal of CO2 easy. Moreover, when you breathe properly, regular breathing will make the lungs work better.

Jogging in the morning fresh air, and avoiding dust, helps the lungs get the freshest source of oxygen, and helps healthy lungs eliminate toxic gases from the body better.

Refuel the body all-day

During jogging, your spectrum will absorb more oxygen, and blood is pumped more remembering the heart to beat faster and stronger to nourish the organs. When jogging will wake up the organs through the activity of the circulatory system and the respiratory system.

Jogging will be like a warm-up exercise in the morning, helping the muscles to relax after a long sleep. The practitioner will feel energized to start work and study more effectively.

Form good, healthy habits

Daily morning jog whether you run outdoors or run on a treadmill is a good habit to exercise and brings good functioning to the organs.

Jogging after waking up early also facilitates mental training to overcome your procrastination, helping you overcome the temptations of sleep and surpass yourself.

Instead of “sleeping” for a short time, it can’t help you be less tired, but on the contrary, it also makes the body inert, so getting up earlier and jogging to get more benefits for your health. This is a good habit if maintained regularly.

Effective weight loss, weight control

One of the effects of morning jogging is to support weight loss, keeps your body slim, and helps you own the desired body.

This is really important and useful for women who want to own a neat, toned, and fat-free bust. Women should run in the morning every day to be able to achieve the desired body.

Morning exercise will consume calories effectively because when done without breakfast, the body will have to use the energy stored in fat, in the liver to form energy consumed when jogging.

If you weigh about 60kg, jogging will consume about 4.7 calories/minute, calculated jogging 1 for hour will burn equivalent to 282 calories.

This helps you lose weight effectively when jogging in the morning or keeping your body from gaining weight, maintaining your weight index at an acceptable level.

Increase the height

When we jog in the morning, the whole body needs strong activity from the leg and arm muscles. Science has proven the benefits of jogging every morning to help increase the height of exercisers.

Jogging will produce more growth hormone HGH – which helps to produce more cartilage, which in turn can help increase height.

During puberty, when hormones are produced at high levels, combined with daily jogging will stimulate the increase of skeletal muscle length, thereby promoting the height of the exerciser.

Besides, when Jogging outdoors, you are exposed to the morning sun, which is very beneficial for absorbing vitamin D, an important factor for creating calcium for bones, bone growth, and height increase.

Strengthen the immune system, improve resistance

One of the effects of morning jogging is to increase the immune system, increase the body’s resistance. According to medical studies, the exchange of gases through the respiratory system is faster and stronger, helping the body absorb more oxygen and remove CO2 and bacteria that are more harmful to the lungs.

During jogging, body heat increases. You will feel your body warm up and sweat. This increase in body temperature also helps you limit bacterial infections.

The benefits of jogging also help reduce certain brain-damaging hormones such as cortisol or epinephrine. People who practice will feel their nerves are relaxed, reducing stress and tension.

Stay awake, clear your mind, improve your brain

After a long night of sleep, if you start work right away, you will easily feel sluggish, difficult to concentrate, especially not having a good sleep. However, if you jog for about 15-20 minutes, it will help your body warm up the muscles and bones and you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

Morning jogging will cause the brain to release serotonin and endorphin hormones, help the body relieve stress, prevent pain, and relieve discomfort.

Moreover, when jogging, the oxygen is absorbed more, and the blood is operated and circulated easily, which will help the brain work better thanks to the oxygen and blood being pumped continuously. Therefore, the practitioner will feel refreshed, and alert for a new day, and working and studying will be more convenient and more effective.

Improve physiology, increase sexual ability

Sex is an important part of life, especially for those who are married and want to stay happy. Morning jogging helps the body to move, the blood vessels have good blood circulation.

This also helps to maintain the erection of the penis better thanks to the regular blood flow to the penis.

When jogging, hormonal hormones are also produced and create stimulation of needs and desires for both sexes. Therefore, sexual activity will also be improved if you run regularly.

Happier, younger, more confident, happier

Jogging every morning, especially when jogging with friends with the same hobby, if jogging outdoors, you can both participate in jogging and chat and share things in life, joys, and sorrows. This will make you feel happier and more comfortable and reduce anxiety and depression.

The benefits of jogging in the morning every day help your body become slim, maintain a reasonable weight and you can confidently wear clothes that are difficult to wear before. You will be confident in yourself with everyone with a fit body.

Strength training, strengthening muscles, strong bones

As mentioned, the benefits of jogging not only help the respiratory system, and circulatory systems work well, but also make the musculoskeletal system toned. This is because jogging will suffer a great impact through the compression of the body weight on the leg muscles, thigh muscles, and glutes.

Along with that, the bones and joints are worked in harmony to create a jogging movement that will limit degenerative problems, and bone and joint diseases and they will work more supple.

Not only the legs are trained the most, but the hands and knuckles are also involved in the jogging process. Because this is the part that helps create the force to run forward, keeping the balance for body. This also helps the hand to work and be more flexible. Regular jogging for 30 minutes every morning also helps the hands and hand muscles to work supply.

Improve memory

One of the benefits of jogging in the morning is that it improves your memory. Memory is related to the functioning of the brain, which is the connection of neurons. When jogging helps oxygen, blood strengthens brain cells, and the brain works better, including your memory.

Improve sleep

The effect of morning jogging also helps your sleep quality be improved thanks to the continuous intake of oxygen and blood. When the respiratory system and cardiovascular systems are working effectively, the process of nourishing brain cells will be better and help your sleep come faster and easier.

Final thought

Not only is morning Jogging good for our overall well-being, but it can also improve our stamina and productivity to start a new day. You should pick up the habit of morning jogging to boost your physical health.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about the benefits of jogging every morning and wishes your health is always good.

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