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What do oriental people do to celebrate the Lunar New Year?

celebrate the lunar new year

Whether celebrate the Lunar New Year according to the lunar calendar such as in China, or Vietnam, welcoming the new year according to the solar calendar like Japan, or celebrating the New Year according to the Buddhist calendar such as in Laos, Thailand, or Vietnam, let’s explore how people in Asia celebrate the Lunar New […]

Top Friendliest dog breeds

friendliest dog breeds

Dog is an animal that is extremely close, friendly and loyal to humans. There are countless different breeds of dogs with distinct personality traits. There are dog breeds with gentle temperament, there are dog breeds that can easily become aggressive. Let’s explore the friendliest dog breeds in this article! Depending on their preferences, people will […]

Safest countries in the world 2022 to visit

safest countries in the world 2022 to visit

Feeling safe when setting foot in a new country is very important for international travelers. Besides the beautiful natural scenery, other factors affecting the visitor’s experience determine whether they return to the country they have been to or not. Let’s explore the safest countries in the world 2022 in this article! 1. Switzerland With an […]