5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you

5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you

Mosquitoes are very dangerous disease vectors, so it is necessary to avoid direct contact and always have prevention methods. Currently, many people tend to use insect sprays or mosquito incense, but they are not really benign.

In this article, Top News will tell you 5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you while sleeping safely and effectively, thereby avoiding infectious diseases.

Reasons for frequent mosquito bites while sleeping

The weather begins to appear with the first rains of the season, creating favorable conditions for mosquitoes to breed and develop. Especially in homes with gardens or luxuriant trees, mosquitoes are more numerous and difficult to treat.

There are many reasons that lead to mosquito bites and here are some common reasons why you are always surrounded by this insect more than others.

Effects of increased body temperature: Jonathan Day at the University of Florida showed an association between mosquito bites and human body temperature.

Mosquitoes are especially sensitive to body temperature, so they can accurately and easily identify blood vessels under the skin, which is considered a mosquito’s survival instinct. That explains why when you have just exercised or moved, causing the temperature to rise, you attract mosquitoes around a lot.

CO2 released from the body: Just like body temperature, mosquitoes are sensitive to the amount of CO2 released from the body. Active people continuously emit more CO2 than usual, which means that this object is good prey for mosquitoes to hunt.

Clothing color: Mosquitoes often live in dark places, so wearing dark clothes more or less affects your frequent mosquito bites.

The above are just some of the most common reasons why you become an ideal prey for mosquitoes. Limiting these things can help you improve your situation of being stalked by this animal.

But to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes while sleeping, we need to apply the following tips.

5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you

Keep your body clean before going to bed

An unclean body, clinging to a strong sweat smell can be the cause of attracting mosquitoes to you faster, make sure your body is always in a dry state, and less sweat when sleeping. Hot spicy foods that make sweat glands more active should also be limited if you don’t want to become “prey” for mosquitoes.

Grow plants that repel mosquitoes indoors

A plant with a special smell that repels mosquitoes will protect you from infectious diseases. In the case of frequent sleep disturbances by this small animal, you can try growing plants: lemongrass, mint, lavender, wormwood, basil, and marigold in the garden or put a pot A small tree in the corner of the bedroom window is also a good idea.

Use garlic to repel mosquitoes

Use garlic to prevent mosquitoes
Use garlic to prevent mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are scent-sensitive, one smell they absolutely hate and stay away from is garlic. So how to use garlic to repel mosquitoes effectively, here are suggestions.

Add garlic to the diet: eating garlic will be the most effective and simplest way, this special scent will come out through the pores but don’t worry it won’t make you smelly because it’s extremely light and olfactory. normally cannot smell.

However, mosquitoes are especially sensitive and immediately stay away from the area where the smell of garlic appears, so you can sleep without worrying.

Apply garlic juice to the skin: young children often do not like to eat garlic, so the solution is to apply garlic juice directly to the skin, so the children will limit dengue fever.

If you want your house or room to be no longer a shelter for mosquitoes, you can use boiled garlic water and then spray it on a hidden corner, where mosquitoes often appear.

Use essential oils with the right scent

There are a few scents that make people feel comfortable and relaxed, but for mosquitoes, they keep them away, for example, mint, lemongrass, or eucalyptus leaves, so if you are having a hard time “cutting off your tail” Mosquitoes should consider buying essential oils that contain these scents.

Equipped with a small burning lamp so that the fragrance spreads throughout the room, both relaxing the spirit when sleeping and repelling mosquitoes.

You can take advantage of low-spicy essential oils and put a few drops in the bath, the scent will stay on your body and keep mosquitoes away. This is a safe way to not be bitten by mosquitoes while sleeping and feel comfortable after each use.

Eat vitamin-fortified foods

Scientists have proven that the daily diet has an effect on preventing mosquito bites. Supplementing with foods rich in vitamin B1 such as green beans, potatoes or nuts makes the blood smell very repulsive to mosquitoes.

At the same time, cut down on foods with a lot of salt, and too salty foods because they will increase lactic acid in the body, something that mosquitoes love.

Final thought

There are many ways to avoid mosquito bites while sleeping, so choose the most convenient and easy method to protect yourself and your family from infectious diseases.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn more about effective ways to prevent mosquitoes and wishes your wellness in the best condition!

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