10 reasons why education is the key to success

10 reasons why education is the key to success

In the trend of global integration and the explosion of the industrial revolution 4.0, education and training play an increasingly important role, becoming a guideline for the sustainable development of all countries and ethnic groups. In this article, Top News provides you with 10 reasons why education is the key to success so you can understand more of its vital role in our daily life.

Education and training is a social phenomenon, an organized activity aimed at promoting, fostering, and developing knowledge, awareness, and skills, and perfecting the personality of each individual.

Along with the development of society, the role of education becomes particularly important and a top priority of all countries. The role of education in society is reflected in 4 main aspects, including:

  • Enhancing people’s knowledge in all countries and ethnic groups
  • Provide qualified human resources
  • Protect the political system of the country
  • Nurturing talents, building a workforce

Elevate your level of education

Human knowledge is a measure of the success and sustainable development of society. The position of a country is reflected in the intellectual strength of the entire people. Therefore, the role of education for society is first shown in knowledge training and raising people’s knowledge of all ethnicities and nations.

Education and training contribute to raising the intellectual level of people in all countries, that is, raising the general level of knowledge of people in all fields.

Countries carry out universalization of education at all levels, eradicating illiteracy, and providing basic knowledge and skills to the entire population. Education ensures the common ground that all people have access to knowledge, thereby improving the educational level of each individual.

Raise awareness

Education and training activities ensure that people from all walks of life have a correct awareness of moral values, culture, political institutions, constitutions, and laws. Thereby each individual has a standard attitude and behavior.

Raise the level of science-technology

In the new era, education helps people absorb and apply scientific and technical achievements. People have the opportunity to access the internet, and mass media, and know how to use equipment and technology.

Through education and training activities, people’s intellectual level is improved, which is the basis for affirming the strength of the nation. A country with a high intellectual population has great potential for development and affirms its position in the international arena. On the contrary, a country that does not value education, that country will surely perish.

In the context of globalization and international integration today, the social function of education is more clearly shown in the role of raising people’s intellectual level.

Therefore, each country needs to focus on promoting the universalization of education for the entire population, comprehensively developing the human factor to quickly adapt to the knowledge economy.

Along with the explosion of science and technology, human resources have become the most decisive factor for the sustainable development of the knowledge economy. Every country that wants to develop quickly and strongly needs to rely on abundant and highly trained human resources.

To create high-quality human resources, the role of education is irreplaceable. Education and training contribute to the supply of qualified human resources, meeting the quantity and quality of the socio-economic development of the country.

Training highly qualified human resources

Education equips people with in-depth knowledge
Education equips people with in-depth knowledge

Education aims to train and develop human resources with professional and technical qualifications, high skills, practical ability, initiative, creativity, and responsibility in work. Thereby increasing labor productivity.

Increase the number of qualified human resources

Education not only improves quality but also provides highly qualified human resources in large numbers, building human resources that are lacking to meet actual needs.

Ensure a diversified human resource structure

Educational activities develop highly qualified human resources in a comprehensive way, with a diverse human resource structure. At the same time, education helps to rotate the human resource structure according to each field in a reasonable way, prioritizing occupations that bring high knowledge value.

Initially building a knowledge economy, developing nations have universalized lower secondary education, but the level of unskilled labor is still low, and skilled workers are still limited. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize the development of education and training, and comprehensive renovation towards industrialization, and modernization of the country.

Education – training not only contributes to raising people’s intellectual level, and providing qualified human resources, but above all, the role of education is to protect the political regime of each country.

Education is a tool to protect political institutions

Education is a means of propagating a country’s laws and policies. Through educational activities, citizens have enough knowledge, patriotism, and strong political stance to face challenges in the process of international integration.

Education contributes to strengthening national defense and security

Education carries the mission of protecting independence, territorial sovereignty, and preserving national cultural identity. Education is the most sustainable way to stabilize socio-political and create a revolution in ideas against cultural conflicts in the new era.

Our Party and State always consider education and training the top national policy, and the highest priority in socio-economic development programs and plans. Investment in education is a prerequisite for every nation to develop a knowledge-based economy, strengthen national defense and security, and integrate deeply in the spirit of integration but not dissolution.

The role of education and training for society is also reflected in the process of building a workforce and fostering talents for the country. Training highly qualified human resources determine the success of the knowledge economy.

Build a workforce

Education and training contribute to the creation of a large labor force for the country. The workers are highly skilled and fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the increasingly strict requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Fostering talents

Education helps foster talents
Education helps foster talents

Educational activities help to discover, foster, and respect talented people in all fields. Create favorable conditions for talents to develop their capacity to serve the cause of national construction and development.

Understanding the importance of education in fostering talents, the Party and State have always focused on investing in comprehensive education development. In the new era, developing nations conducting international cooperation in the field of education bring into play the internal resources of the native people, have many policies to attract talent, and avoid brain drain.

Final thought

The role of education and training for people is shown through equipping a system of necessary knowledge and skills for each individual. Since then, people have improved their qualifications, increased labor efficiency, improved their quality of life, and adapted to natural and social circumstances.

Education is a long process, a special social phenomenon, centered on people. The role of education for people does not stop at providing knowledge and skills, more importantly, education aims at training, cultivating morality, and perfecting personality.

Education provides people with knowledge and skills to participate in social organization activities, building a civilized and happy life. People with good educational backgrounds will always live responsibly for themselves, their families, and society.

Top News hopes this article helps you learn more about the profound understanding of the importance of education and wishes you the best on your study journey!

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