10 positive effects of social media

10 positive effects of social media

Since the advent of global networking (internet) and especially after smartphones or tablets were invented, the use of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Zalo, Skype, Whatsapp, Youtube), Linked, and Twitter is no longer strange to most users, including children, teenagers and the elderly. This article provides you with 10 positive effects of social media.

Many users complain about the lack of control in the widespread use of social networks such as: highly addictive, take a lot of time and effort, and have many potential risks to personal life or balance. emotionally due to being too absorbed or competing for fan numbers or competing, comparing, or being overly critical.

However, social networking continues to be used more and more widely and the reason is because of the great benefits that this trend is bringing that we cannot deny. All you need to do is buy a smartphone or tablet, or personal computer with pre-installed features to use the social network you want to join, create an account or register a phone number. Here are 10 positive effects of social media!

1. Update news, knowledge, trends

Social media can help update useful information
Social media can help update useful information

Facebook with the page-like feature, readers will immediately receive updates on their favorite or interesting websites of all genres, and suppliers or advertisers can also quickly update new trends. best in my favorite field. You can also watch the news or update the latest movies, and music video clips on Youtube, Facebook, or other social networking sites very quickly.

2. Improve the quality and speed of journalism and public service

Due to the fast-spreading and updating feature of social networks, press agencies and mass media are actively publishing at the same time in newspapers, online newspapers, and their websites to keep up with the trend of the world. era and keep its number of readers.

Law agencies or public services are also gradually “on the air” on social networks to update their news and new regulations or listen to criticism and suggestions of the people to help reduce bureaucracy. complexities or errors in public services, in order to move towards a smarter and simpler public administration.

3. Connect friends, family, and community

Social media can help to connect with friends easily
Social media can help to connect with friends easily

No matter where you are, near the alley or far from the ocean, a loved one or a friend updates information, photos, status, or emotions, you will receive it right away without having to hear stories or rumors from others.

Surely you will be overjoyed when you get back in touch with an old classmate from many years ago, a countryman, a colleague, or even a neighbor of your old place through social networks, to meet and review. old memories or help each other in life.

How much easier it is as a newcomer to an office, school, or place, when people are still afraid to make friends with you, sharing personal information on social networks can help you introduce yourself. yourself and get to know new friends a lot faster and easier than a regular meeting. Isn’t that a very practical benefit?

4. Connecting love and international integration

Are you studying or working away from home? When you are getting to know someone who is not from the same city or country, social networks are a great tool for you to get closer, understand each other better, and be less sad or lonely.

Just a video call on Skype, a selfie on Facebook, a message on Viber or a status update or news, and you will suddenly smile or at least be less worried or thinking about it. knowing that your loved one is still there healthy and thinking about you.

If you are learning a foreign language, quickly join an international group of friends who are learning the same language or make a friend who speaks a native language to practice and exchange languages ​​without spending a fortune. big money going to language centers or having to manage to get a visa to visit that country. It’s convenient and useful, isn’t it?

5. Improve life skills and knowledge

Currently, on social networks, there are more and more sites that teach foreign languages, cooking, repair, communication, psychology, and sports so you can see references and self-study without going to class or paying fees. fee.

It is by participating in this online community that we are becoming more and more complete with basic skills necessary in modern life such as using foreign languages, civilized communication, or having a healthy body.

6. Free business and advertising

The dream of owning a fashion, electronic, or bookshop is not too far away thanks to the speed of transferring images and information via Twitter, Zalo, Viber, or Facebook. You just need to create a free page and invite family and friends to join and visit online, you can regularly update and advertise your products and take care of customers online.

7. Saving money, time, and labor and being environmentally friendly

The time when as a telephone salesman, every time he picked up the phone, he refused to listen, or the time when he went to distribute leaflets to scatter in people’s houses or streets was gradually receding to make way for online advertising. Yes, thanks to social networks, your company, organization, or household has saved costs of paper, ink, labor, phone charges, and messages. Social networks are so friendly to the environment and our lives.

8. Entertainment

“Whatever it is, anything is available” on social networks, such as listening to free music, watching online movies, and playing online video games, too many things for entertainment are always waiting for you to register to be successful members and participate in playing in a wide network, even nationwide or worldwide such as the legendary martial arts game, the game Angry Birds, or movies and music clips with subtitles in different languages for you to choose from.

Surely in the history of human civilization, there has never been an era when you have been entertained as easily, conveniently, and comfortably as today.

9. Encourage and promote talent

If you love writing, it’s a bit sad to just write a diary because no one reads it, write it right on your Facebook wall or even create your own blog, you may have a lot of fans following or maybe a media agency discovered their talents.

You love taking photos, but print them out and create albums and then put them in the corner of the closet, so no one will see them, post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram right away, if the photos are beautiful and unique you can become famous otherwise at least family Family and friends also have some compliments or encouragements and comforts.

You love cooking, sewing crafts, painting, playing sports or repairing machines, and singing, all of you can take pictures, record videos, and post them on your social media to share. shall. What an age of freedom, justice, and equality of opportunity, thanks to the social network.

10. Expressing and controlling emotions

When you are happy or sad, angry, sad, or lonely, you need a constant source of encouragement and comfort, there are losses that will make you suffer for many months and years such as the loss of a loved one, Losing your career, getting a divorce, or simply feeling very lonely when you move to a completely new place and have difficulties in the process of learning and adapting.

Who will always be willing to ask you the question: “What are you thinking?” if not social network? When relatives and friends are all busy making money, building their own families, taking care of their health and personal career, and no one has the patience to comfort and encourage you regularly, write immediately on Facebook or blog in your list of friends, acquaintances, strangers, or fans, there is always someone who is free or has the same mood or dilemma who can speak out publicly or send a message. personally advocate, encourage or comfort you.

Final thought

Social media can generate tons of benefits in terms of useful knowledge, however, you should limit your time on social media because it can be easily addictive if we just consume content on the platform all day. Make sure you use social media for the purpose of improving your knowledge.

Top News hopes this article can help you learn and understand more about the positive effects of social media.

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